Get on top of your next off-road adventure

The joy of a four-wheel-drive is that it can go just anywhere you want. From sand to bush and creeks to snow, as long as you have all the 4WD recovery kits you need, you’ll be right as rain, even in the rain!

Recovery kits and equipment

Getting set up for a no-holds-back adventure is easier than ever thanks to Dunn and Watson. Our range of recovery equipment and kits will ensure nothing keeps you down or bogged for long.

    • Recovery straps
    • Snatch straps
    • Equalizer straps
    • Sand tracks
    • TRED recovery systems
    • Winches and winch extensions
    • Tree trunk protection kits
    • Tyre repair kits
    • Recovery boards

4WD recovery techniques for all occasions

Having the right 4WD recovery kits and techniques will not only ensure you continue the fun, it will also keep you safe. Being prepared before heading out off the road is critical and the TRED recovery system is a must-have.


It’s easy to carry the recovery board wherever you go thanks to its slim design and lightweight.

Easy to use

Getting your 4WD out of a tricky spot doesn’t have to be difficult and with our TRED boards it no longer is! Easy to use, easy to recover, make sure to order yours today.


These recovery boards are designed and manufactured by not just 4WD experts but enthusiasts. We know what you need to get out of a bog. Thanks to their ease of manoeuvrability, getting the board beneath your tyres is easier than ever.

Brilliant design

With carefully placed cleats and protrusions, your tyre will find getting a grip across the board super easy. Instead of simply slipping back into the ground, this board is a life saver when it comes to getting your 4WD up and moving again.

Quality material

UV resistant, highly durable, and super strong the TRED recovery boards are made from the best grade materials so that you can enjoy no delay on your next adventure.

How to use the board

Using the recovery board from Dunn and Watson is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

(1) Wedge

Holding the end of the recovery board, wedge the TRED board firmly against the tread of your tyres.

(2) Accelerate

When you get back into your vehicle to accelerate, make sure you do so slowly. You need to give your tyre tread the opportunity to grab onto the cleats and protrusions of the board. The last thing you need is to damage your vehicle.

(3) Grab the board

Once your vehicle is recovered and out of bogged sand, snow or mud, make sure to jump out again and grab the trust 4WD recovery kit. It’s nearly endlessly reusable and invaluable to keep on hand at all times, so don’t forget it behind!

Stock up on everything you need for 4WD recovery with Dunn and Watson

The team here at Dunn and Watson are enthusiasts about all things off-road and four-wheel-driving. If you’re looking to head down the path less travelled, make sure to speak to our team about finding the right accessories and 4WD recovery kits to make sure your next trip is smooth sailing!


4wd Recovery Accessories

TRED HD 4×4 Recovery Boards

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