Anti Luce Fasteners are ideal for securing loads and applying pressure to foam and rubber seals and are often used for Ute trays and tailgates. The Dunn & Watson range of Anti Luce Fasteners are all zinc plated and are available in three sizes. The largest is our Weld On Anti Luce Fastener that isn’t threaded like the others, as it comes with a weld on plate at the back. It’s ideal if you prefer to weld on your fasteners or if you are already working on your tray and welding other areas, it’s easy to simply weld on this fastener at the same time. The small threaded Anti Luce fastener has a 25mm thread and is available in a long or short thread, depending on the thickness of your substrate. Our long thread Anti Luce Fastener has a 60mm thread for larger depth substrates, but if it’s too long you can cut it off once it’s in place. All of these Anti Luce Fasteners are designed to marry up with our toggle plates that help you to secure the fastener firmly to the substrate preventing any rattles when in transit.