Once you have installed your new Dunn & Watson fridge slide and used it for a few trips, you will most probably want to optimise a few other things as well. That’s why we have the Dunn & Watson accessories, so that you can organise everything to your satisfaction. First of all we have the cable caddy that protects the cable to your fridge from being damaged. You might not have noticed, but this cable can get jammed down the side of the fridge and even caught up in the fridge slide as it moves. The easy solution is to install our cable caddy which includes a heavy duty 6mm cable and all the bits and pieces you need to attach it to your fridge slide. The cable caddy fits all our standard size fridge slides, as well as our tilt fridge slides and the MSA drop down fridge slides.

The Dunn & Watson locking joiner bar is a great product that solves a problem you most probably didn’t even know you had! How often have you tried to open your fridge slide and found that with your hands full, you can’t do it? That’s because our locking drawer slides require two hands to operate, so we have designed this locking joiner bar because it only needs one hand to operate. It has a black powder coated finish, so that it looks smart and comes with stainless steel fittings, so it’s easy to install. It operates with the Dunn & Watson 60kg, 125kg and 227kg locking drawer slides and will fit drawers up to 1000mm wide. All you do is just cut the bar to fit and then use the fittings to lock it into place.

The Dunn & Watson fridge cage barrier is another great accessory that you didn’t know you needed until you can’t live without it! These cages completely cover the top, back and sides of your fridge, allowing you to pack as much as possible into the back of your tray without damaging your fridge or stopping the slide from working. With the cage barrier, you can still access your fridge without moving a stack of things out of the way first.