Dunn & Watson offer two different types of solar panels: fixed or slide out panels. The fixed panels are made by Enerdrive and the slide out panels are put together at our own factory in Australia.

Slide out solar panels: Currently, we offer two different size slide out solar panels, 80 Watts and 100 Watts. We actually custom made one of these panels for one of our customers and it became so popular that we decided to produce them as stock canopy & caravan electrical products. One of the great features of these panels is that they are fitted to our generator slides, made from 3mm aluminium and they operate on our 125kg drawer slides that come with a full extension. This means that you can extend the solar panels out to their full length for maximum solar production.

A stainless steel spring bolt ensures that the panels stay locked in place and can stand up to extreme weather and coastal conditions. The 125kg drawer slides are much better than the telescopic slides because they don’t require lubricant that can get choked up with dust and dirt, a common problem with telescopic slides. Another feature is that the panels operate on a sealed bearing at either end. The whole setup can be hosed down regularly and it won’t affect the operation of the panels or sliders. You’ll always be able to smoothly glide your panels in and out, regardless!

A poly grab handle on the front of the tray makes it easy to slide the panels back and forth and the whole package is only 55mm high so it should easily slide underneath most roof racks on the market. However, if you want to mount your panels on top of the roof rack rather than underneath, we sell mounting brackets – just give us a call. These slide out solar panels are one of our most exciting new canopy & caravan electrical products!

Enerdrive fixed solar panels: Enerdrive are well known for their ground breaking technology and their range of fixed solar panels are no exception. Dunn & Watson offer their 80 Watt, 100 Watt and 150 Watt panels that can be used as a 12 Volt installation or a 24 Volt installation if run in a series. You can use these solar panels to run your coffee machine, laptop, blender, even your microwave on the road.

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100 Watt Slide Out Solar Panel


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80 Watt Slide Out Solar Panel


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