Dunn & Watson currently provide a range of diesel tanks ranging from 40L, 48L, 65L and 75L. These roto moulded diesel tanks are all manufactured in Australia using diesel grade polyethylene with tough 5mm to 8mm walls and are a distinctive yellow colour to differentiate them from 4WD water tanks. These diesel tanks have a similar profile to many of our water tanks but come with heavy duty brass fittings and are stamped with a tag that indicates they are used for diesel only.

Our 40L Ute tray diesel tank is 455mm long x 690mm wide x 200mm deep and is designed to fit underneath the Ute tray. The 48L wheel arch diesel tank is 1300mm long x 170mm wide x 380m deep and as its name implies, is designed to fit in the wheel arch of your 4WD vehicle. The 65L trailer diesel tank is 810mm long x 610mm wide x 200mm deep and is designed to fit underneath a trailer or camper trailer. The 75L dual wheel arch diesel tank is 1340mm long x 200mm wide x 400mm deep.

These diesel tanks are perfect for carrying additional fuel on extended trips or when you are travelling through areas where fuel stops are few and far between.