Dunn and Watson carry one of Australia’s largest range of heavy duty drawer slides, also referred to 4wd drawer runners. Here at Dunn and Watson we have 4wd drawer runners for many kinds of truck and trailer applications including toolboxes, canopies, caravans, trucks and trailers. Our range of 4wd drawer runners start at 30kg of carrying capacity and go as high as 227kg. We stock 4wd drawer runners that offer full extension in locking and non-locking versions.

Whatever your needs, we have 4wd drawer runners to suit the job. Drawer runners are ideal for tradies, 4WD enthusiasts and holiday makers, keeping your large heavy items in place and easy to access at all times.

Why not keep everything safe and secure in the back of your 4WD or truck with a good set of quality 4wd drawer runners?

Frequently asked questions about drawer slides

Why do you need heavy duty drawer slides?

Heavy duty drawer slides allow you to make the most of your vehicle’s space. This often means that compact spaces in your caravan, ute canopy or four-wheel-drive will incorporate slides that will hold a fridge, stove, barbeque or some other accessory. Due to the nature of camping and four-wheel-driving, and the weight that is required for the slides to hold, it’s important that your slides are heavy duty and durable to be able to cope with the weight.

How much should a drawer slide hold?

Different heavy duty drawer slides hold different amounts and have different weight bearing capacities. It’s important that you consider what you’re planning on putting on your slides and check the weight capacity. As a general rule, standard heavy duty slides can hold roughly 120 kilograms but once again, it really depends on the model, size and make. If you’re not sure what sort of weight capacity your drawer slides need, have a chat with the helpful team here at Dunn and Watson.

How thick should a drawer slide be?

Once again, in a similar vein to the weight a pair of heavy duty drawer slides can hold, when it comes to the thickness of the drawers it does depend. As a rough standard, slides generally are about 1.27 centimetres in thickness. In addition to the thickness of the drawer, consider the material they are made out of. For example, the drawer slides manufactured by Dunn and Watson are all made from the highest quality of materials including high grade aluminium or stainless steel. This gives your heavy duty drawers as much strength and durability as possible.

Are undermount drawer slides better?

There are certainly benefits to using undermount drawer slides in your vehicle fit out. In general, there is less dust and dirt accumulation with undermount slides and spills are often easier to clean up. It’s important to consider the weight bearing capacity of any undermount drawer slides you’re considering to ensure they are compatible with what you need it to do.

Are heavy duty drawer slides hard to install?

No – just like regular drawer slides, our heavy duty slides are easy to install. You can do it yourself or ask our experts to give you a hand. Either way, these high quality accessories are designed for simple and effective application so you can get your campervan, four-wheel-drive or ute kitted and fitted as quickly as possible.

Is there a range of options?

Of course. Dunn and Watson boasts the largest selection of drawer slide accessories, including heavy duty drawer slides, in Australia! With a wide range of carrying capacities, sizes, and customisable options such as locking versus non-locking, there’s bound to be the perfect accessory for you. If you’re not 100% sure which model or size is right for your application, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’d be more than happy to help.

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