There’s no doubt about it, if you’re looking for the ultimate addition to your ute or four-wheel-drive to prepare for your next adventure, an offroad custom canopy is the way to go.

Recent advancements in design, fabrication and manufacturing have developed truly revolutionary ways for customising your ute or 4WD’s canopy in more ways than one.

It’s all about making off-road and 4WD more pleasurable, luxurious, convenient and – of course – fun.

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Ute Canopies & Ute Trays + Accessories - Aluminium Canopies

Aluminium Canopies

There’s nothing standard about our standard aluminium canopies. Backed by a 2-year warranty, this high grade 2.5 millimetre aluminium checker plate canopy is built to keep up with your off-road and camping activity.

Set with a stainless steel piano hinge with a nylon cover for complete and worry-free dust and water protection, plus gas strut assisted doors, opening and closing this four-wheel-drive canopy is easy.

Plus, we’ve custom fabricated the design with a braced frame and door so that you’ll benefit from its extra strength. The carefully applied weather seal is fitted around the entirety of the door. This ensures that anything closed inside your canopy is completely protected from all the elements and weather.

While our aluminium canopies are versatile for a range of applications, we’re also able to custom fabricate a canopy solution just for you. All you need to do is get in touch with our team and let us know what you’re after. We’ll put together the perfect aluminium canopy to suit your particular vehicle.

Combined with our extensive range of canopy-related accessories, from lift off systems to roof racks and from jerry can holders to drop down ladders, you’ll find absolutely everything you need to get your canopy up, running and working just the way you want it to.

Ute Canopies & Ute Trays + Accessories - Ute Trays

Ute Trays

Utes are only as good as their ute trays… or that’s how the saying should go. From moving cargo to packing up your camping gear, there’s just about no limit to the utility and benefit of a robust, high quality and spacious ute tray.

The Dunn and Watson team knows everything there is to know about customising a ute tray to suit a specific application, purpose or preference. So no matter what you need or what you’re looking for, make sure to speak to us about our ute trays today.

Multiple ute trays for you to choose what’s right for you

We stock two distinct ute tray styles with particular uses and purposes in mind.

  • The Dunn and Watson Tourer Tray
  • The Dunn and Watson Tradie Tray

Both of these intricately fabricated tray styles come in the standard size of 1800 millimetres by 1800 millimetres. The standard weight available is approximately 120 kilograms.

Tourer Tray

The Tourer Tray is designed particularly for the camping enthusiast and people who like to travel and tour. Enjoy maximum storage space for your luggage and other equipment so you can take everything you need and want wherever you go.

Tradie Tray

Is your ute a work vehicle? Our Tradie Tray is the perfect addition to your ute. With plenty of space for all the tools, equipment and accessories you need you can add all manner of drawer and slide systems to keep all your work stuff safely and secured.

Custom-built tray

Not sure whether the Tourer or Tradier Ute Tray is right for you? Need an individualised tray fabricated to your specific requirements? We can do that for you! Just get in touch with the Dunn and Watson team and we’ll quote you for a custom-built tray that is specifically designed for your particular application.

Dunn and Watson – the best ute trays in Australia

Australian made

All of our ute trays are fabricated by our Aussie-operated team right here in Australia. Because we fabricate onsite, we can guarantee absolute quality control. When it comes to durability and functionality, our trays operate to the highest of national and international standards.

Quality materials

Using tough 3.0 millimetre and 4.0 millimetre aluminium, you can rest assured that your ute tray will be able to keep up with your touring or work no matter where you go. Long-lasting, highly resistant and super strong, there’s nothing like an aluminium tray as the perfect complementary addition to your canopy.

Why do we use high grade aluminium over steel?

  1. Aluminium is a lot lighter than steel without having to compromise on strength or durability. This means less weight for your vehicle to tow and less pressure on your ute.
  2. Another benefit of aluminium is its flexibility in fabrication. This allows our team to manufacture trays to tailored designs as part of our custom fabrication offering.
  3. Aluminium is highly corrosion resistant. As a tradie or tourer, you’re likely to see your fair share of rain, wet and moisture. That’s why we choose high grade aluminium over steel.
  4. Steel can create sparks in certain situations whereas aluminium is non-flammable and efficient thermal conductors.

Durable and high weight capacity

Our range of trays are designed and manufactured with practicality in mind. We test every fabrication to ensure that they are built to be durable and heavy duty no matter how much they’re used. Plus, with a high weight bearing capacity (able to hold up to 227 kilograms) you’ll enjoy all of the support you need.

Stainless steel fixtures

From high quality stainless steel strap hinges, to gudgeons and nylon bushes built for heavy use, there’s no doubt that our ute trays are the smart investment to make when you’re custom fitting out your ute.

Waterproof and dust proof

Thanks to the well designed pinchweld seal your ute tray is completely waterproof and dust proof. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that no matter where you go, the interior of your tray and its contents will be completely protected.

Rear facing hinge design

It’s not just about function, of course. Our black rear facing hinge is designed to look great and sit flush against the rest of the back of the tray. Functional, stylish and smart – it’s the best of everything!

Multiple coating options

Whether you prefer a powder coating or a spray paint coating, we can do it! All of our ute trays are available in both coating options. Of course, if you’re not sure which is right for you and your application, feel free to call the Dunn and Watson team today.

Extra features

There’s a ton of extra, handy little features to our range of trays.

  • MAXILAMP lights – enjoy high quality and long-lasting lights to help you see whatever you need to no matter what time of the day or night it is.
  • Locks – our trays come with your choice of lock type. We stock a variety of different types, each suitable to different requirements and preferences.
  • Additional features include custom headboards, double tapered side boxes, under tray drawers and a whole lot more!

Don’t wait – order your ute tray today!

There are a ton of good reasons why you should get your ute trays from us at Dunn and Watson.

  • Get advice from the unrivalled experts in all things ute and vehicle customisation and fit outs.
  • We’re completely Australian owned and operated.
  • Select from the largest range of accessories and vehicle parts in Australia.
  • You can enjoy provide custom fabrication jobs tailored to your needs.
  • Save more with industry-leading prices.
  • Choose from a number of buy-now-pay-later options.

Ute Canopies & Ute Trays + Accessories - Canopy Accessories

Canopy Accessories

When you shop at Dunn and Watson, you’ll come for the canopies and trays, but stay for the canopy accessories! We mean it when we say that we’ve got everything you’ll need for a complete end-to-end custom fit out of your vehicle.

4WD Canopy Power Boards

Our canopy power boards are designed to bring the power to your adventure. The 4WD board is a plug-and-play model and provides all of the ports, outlets and functionalities you could need. Complete with a solar panel port, easy-to-instal design and specially designed casing to ensure your cables are efficiently stored, it’s simply a must have for your 4×4.

Canopy Roof Top Tent

The canopy roof top tent creates the perfect home away from home. This super lightweight tent doesn’t compromise on strength or water resistance making it the perfect addition to 4WD canopies and SUVs. It’s also extremely easy to mount onto a roof rack and just as simple to set up and pack away in mere seconds.

Adjustable 4wd Canopy Ladder

If you need an easy and affordable solution for accessing the roof of your canopy or 4WD our adjustable ladder is the perfect answer. This high quality aluminium unit is easily and fully adjustable to suit the size of your spare wheel. Make sure you can reach everything you need with Dunn and Watson.

Extra canopy accessories

If you’re ready to take your canopy up a level, make sure to check out our full range of extra accessories. We stock kits, vents, panels and jerry cans all designed to help make your next road trip all the more convenient, laidback and easy.

  • Aluminium air pressure vent
  • Canopy control panel
  • Canopy jerry can holder
  • Roof basket
  • Wiring kit
  • Power kit
  • Lift off latches
  • Canopy spare wheel carrier

Ute Canopies & Ute Trays + Accessories - Tray Accessories

Tray Accessories
Tourer tray water tank

Making sure you have enough water shouldn’t make you break a sweat, and with our tourer tray water tank it doesn’t have to. This compact water tank is the perfect answer for your 4WD, caravan or camper trailer. Australian designed and made, they’re perfect for use anywhere in the Aussie outback. Our water tanks also come with a filler, breather and overflow for complete functionality.

Clip on tray

When you need some more space, you need our four-wheel-drive clip-on tray. This handy to use and easy to clip on table from Dunn and Watson transforms the face of your tray’s cargo drawer, or the wall of a 4WD canopy into a handy, spacious work area. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working onsite or taking the day off to head to the beach, there’s no such thing as too much bench space. Our clip-on tables are also designed for practical, helpful usage with a tea towel rail, bottle opener and multiple hooks that can be used for hanging either utensils, bags or other accessories.

4×4 and trailer aluminium wheel arches

Dunn and Watson’s range of aluminium wheel arches can be custom manufactured for all sorts of utes, trailers and four-wheel-drives. Sometimes called mud guards, these Australian-made wheel arches won’t just give your vehicle a tough looking exterior, they’ll function well no matter where you drive.

We also stock aluminium tandem-axle wheel arches for dual or tandem axle trailers. These come in a variety of length sizes, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your application. Plus, our arches all come with a pair of Dunn and Watson mud flaps as well!

Extra tray accessories

Don’t stop there: check out our full range of extra tray accessories including:

  • Custom mud flaps
  • License plate swings
  • Water pumps
  • Ute drawers
  • Window protectors

Ute Canopies & Ute Trays + Accessories - Tray Toolboxes

Tray Toolboxes

Are you looking to make the most of the compact storage spaces in your four-wheel-drive or ute? Our tray toolboxes are a great solution! All of our toolboxes are Australian-made from high quality aluminium. This means your tray will be strong and durable without coming at the cost of being super heavy.

Double tapered tray toolbox

The double tapered ute tray toolbox fits perfectly under your tray and can accommodate aluminium wheel arches as well. Constructed to the highest of standards, this completely weather sealed accessory also comes with a whale tail compression handle for easy use and instant access.

Single tapered rope rail ute tray toolbox

The ute tray toolbox is an excellent storage option for rope rail applications. Like our other tray toolboxes, there’s plenty of space available for tools, equipment and other items. Corrosion and weather resistant, thanks to the quality aluminium, it’s complete with an ergonomically designed whale tail compression handle.

Slide out under tray

The slide out under tray design does exactly what its name suggests: slides out! Enjoy frictionless and seamless access to this deep and stackable storage space solution. Whether you need to keep tools, straps or other items safe from exposure to the weather or other elements, the tight seal will stand up to any off-road adventure.