Dunn & Watson Pty Ltd’s fastener product range offers a broad selection of fasteners online for many camper trailer, caravan, truck and trailer applications. Range includes Anti Luce Fasteners, Door Hold backs, Heavy duty over center fasteners, spring bolts and tie downs. Available in zinc, galvanized and stainless steel finishes. We pride ourselves on having the depth of fasteners beyond just the main stream popular models the others carry. Most if not all of our fasteners online are typically used in conjunction with many other items we sell including, Locks and Handles, Trailer Hinges, Caravan and Campers Spare Parts, Ventillation, Gas struts, Drawer Slides and much more. When we look at stocking a line of fasteners we explore the full range available in both Australian and global markets.

Fasteners - Anti Luce

Anti Luce Fasteners are ideal for securing loads and applying pressure to foam and rubber seals and are often used for Ute trays and tailgates. The Dunn & Watson range of Anti Luce Fasteners are all zinc plated and are available in three sizes. The largest is our Weld On Anti Luce Fastener that isn’t threaded like the others, as it comes with a weld on plate at the back. It’s ideal if you prefer to weld on your fasteners or if you are already working on your tray and welding other areas, it’s easy to simply weld on this fastener at the same time. The small threaded Anti Luce fastener has a 25mm thread and is available in a long or short thread, depending on the thickness of your substrate. Our long thread Anti Luce Fastener has a 60mm thread for larger depth substrates, but if it’s too long you can cut it off once it’s in place. All of these Anti Luce Fasteners are designed to marry up with our toggle plates that help you to secure the fastener firmly to the substrate preventing any rattles when in transit.

Fasteners - Door Hold Backs

The Dunn & Watson Door Hold Backs, also known as Door Retainers are available in either zinc plated or stainless steel. The big difference between these two Door Hold Backs, other than their finish, is that the stainless steel fastener is also spring loaded to eliminate any rattles and is usually used in refrigeration trucks, as well as in standard trucks. The locks are basically used to hold fridge and truck doors open so that when you pull up to a dock and are ready to unload, you don’t need to worry about the doors swinging around. They are pretty much only used on refrigerated truck doors and standard truck doors, but you could use them for any application where you want to hold large doors open, for example a bike trailer. We also have a very simple Rubber Door Hold Back Fastener that comes in two parts – a male and female component and is used for lightweight doors. Lastly, we have our heavy duty Cast Door Catch that’s ideal for very large doors on trucks or coaches. Manufactured from cast steel with wide diameter springs it gives you a very strong positive lock without having to key lock the door.

Fasteners - Finger Pulls

Fasteners - Over Centre Fasteners

Dunn & Watson have a wide range of Over Centre Fasteners that are suitable for canopies, caravans, camper trailers and toolboxes. They are available in zinc plated or stainless steel and in large, medium and small sizes. We also have our heavy duty solid stainless steel 4WD Lift Off Canopy Latches (set of 4) that are designed to fasten your canopy to your tray and come with a handy padlocking feature.

The heavy duty Over Centre stainless steel latches are front facing and can also be padlocked. The zinc plated Locking Over Centre Fasteners are available in only medium and large sizes and have a patented locking feature, specific to this particular fastener. The heavy duty Bolt On Over Centre Fasteners are for when the lighter weight fasteners are not sufficient for the job. They have a heavy duty spring running through them with a bolt on body and a weld on catch plate. Ideal for Ute tray drop sides and trailers. Our heavy duty Over Centre Weld On K8A Fasteners are suitable for canopies and horse float trailers and are a very robust latching system.

Fasteners - Spring Bolt

A Spring Bolt is the easiest way to secure drawers and doors to prevent them from opening in transit. The spring ensures that the bolt won’t slide back and forth as you are driving, which can happen over rough terrain. The ability to attach a padlock to the Spring Bolt allows you to actually lock your drawers or doors as well, making them doubly secure. They are available in extra-large for both gates and big shed doors (zinc plated) or large (our most popular size; marine grade heavy duty 304 stainless steel or zinc plated) suitable for drawers, doors and as an alternative to fridge slide locking devices.

The medium sized Spring Bolt is to some extent self locating when the bolt is released; if it doesn’t quite line up with the holes the arrow tip head of the pin allows it to locate the hole and lock in place securely. The small Spring Bolt is a simple latch, ideal for small tool boxes. All these Spring Bolts are front fixing and suitable for canopies, camper trailers and caravans.

Fasteners - Tie Downs

The best way to secure a load is by using a low-set anchor point in the back of your Ute that minimises the movement of your load. You don’t want anything flimsy, because poor quality Tie Downs will struggle to retain your load, so it’s metal all the way! The Dunn & Watson range of quality Tie Downs gives you the freedom to install these tie downs in the best locations on the back of your Ute, which is useful if you always seem to carry similar loads (because these Tie Downs are fixed in place). If you carry a variety of different loads, however, and find that fixed Tie Downs don’t cut the mustard, then our range of adjustable anchor tracks gives you the versatility you need.

Our zinc plated anchor plate Tie Downs have a maximum load weight of 250 kg and can be installed anywhere in the back of your Ute where you need to secure a load. Our recessed Tie Downs are available in stainless steel and zinc plating and they sit flush with your deck and are spring loaded to prevent rattling in transit. The Dunn & Watson adjustable anchor tracks are manufactured from quality aluminium and available in lengths of 1800mm, 610mm and 305mm, all with a load capacity of 680kg. You can install these tracks on the floor or headboard of the tray. They can even be installed on the Dunn & Watson fridge slides, so that you can carry and secure other loads on the slide when your fridge is not needed.