A standard fridge slide is suitable for 4WDs and Utes with back opening canopies or tailgates. They are available in a range of sizes, including 50L and under, 60L and over, 80L and over, and 95L and over, but can be custom made to suit your needs. We also have an extra-long slide, a mini slide and a slide that’s suitable for generators and batteries, as follows:

  • 50L and under: 395mm W x 675mm L
  • 60L and over: 525 W x 805mm L
  • 80L and over: 525 W x 905mm L
  • 95L and over: 550mm W x 950mm L
  • Extra-long: 550mm W x 1325mm L
  • Mini: 300mm W x 406mm L
  • BBQ/generator: 315mm W x 585mm L

As you can see from the above list, we have a standard fridge slide that’s suitable for most situations. The 50L and below slide, as well as the mini and generator/battery slides are built with a 125kg locking drawer slide, whilst the others operate with a 227kg locking drawer slide. The locking drawer slide ensures that the slide is locked in the closed position so that it won’t accidentally slide open in transit or when you’re parked on a slope. It’s also locked in the fully extended position so that it won’t accidentally slide closed and injure someone or cause damage to other items nearby.

The extra-long slide is ideal for caravan boot tunnels, 4WD camper trailers and Ute trays as you can stack more than one heavy item on these trays, one behind the other. The mini slide is ideal for smaller items that need to be secured and accessed easily, for example batteries or coffee machines. Manufactured from 3mm aluminium, these are lightweight units (they don’t add much weight to your vehicle’s GVM) and are easy to install and very affordable. Don’t forget that every Dunn & Watson standard fridge slide is locally made in Australia.