If you love nothing more than heading off the road in your four-wheel-drive or you need a full work vehicle kit out, you simply can’t go past 4×4 drawer systems from the team here at Dunn and Watson.

Our range of vehicle accessories is the largest in Australia and not only comes pre-fabricated for all sorts of 4WDs, they’re also customisable too!

The must-have 4×4 drawer systems

What do 4×4 drawers do?

If you’re a four-wheel-drive enthusiast or find yourself heading out on tricky terrain for work, you need more than just a vehicle that can keep up with challenges of the road (or lack thereof). You need an internal drawer and storage system that will keep everything safe, secure and in place. A custom-fabricated 4×4 drawer system from Dunn and Watson offers exactly that. Plenty of space; plenty of security; plenty of peace of mind.

Where do the drawer systems go?

These 4×4 drawers are designed as a cohesive drawer unit to be installed in the back or rear of your 4WD. Not only does this make the most of the non-sitting space of your vehicle, it also ensures maximum accessibility and simplicity of installation. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to the back of your vehicle that won’t be utilised to their maximum capacity unless you fit it with a proper 4×4 drawer system.

Benefits of our drawer systems for 4WDs

Robust material

All of the drawer systems from Dunn and Watson are designed with practicality and durability in mind. We source the highest grade materials to ensure that your drawers work seamlessly over the long term. Whether you use them everyday or expose them to all sorts of different climates and conditions, we guarantee peak performance. You deserve nothing less.


While our vehicle hardware, parts and accessories for four-wheel-drives are all competitively priced compared to other similar suppliers, our 4×4 systems are particularly economical. Not only are they a smart long term investment, it’s also a highly affordable way to pack the most use into your existing four-wheel-drive without having to break the bank with a top-to-toe fit out.

Dust, dirt and waterproof

We share the same bug for adventure that you do. Whether you and your four-wheel-drive are going to be exposed to dust, dirt, water, rain or sand, you can rest assured that the contents of your drawer system will be kept clean, protected and safe at all times. Our high standard for fabrication and excellent product design are second to none.

Easy storage and packing

Fitting everything you need into your 4×4 can often be the hardest part of your offroad adventure. But no longer. Thanks to our surprisingly spacious drawer systems, getting everything you need–from tools to luggage–packed neatly into your vehicle is easier than ever.

Keep passengers comfortable

By keeping your tools, luggage and equipment in an especially designed space, you’ll ensure that the passengers in your 4×4 have enough room for comfortable travel. Of course, you’ll lose space in the rear of your vehicle, but you’ll find the rest of your four-wheel-drive spacious and free!

Safe and private storage

Our 4×4 drawer systems are also excellent for keeping your valuables and other contents hidden from view when your vehicle is left unattended. Instead of riskily leaving your items somewhere easily spotted and found, the drawers provide the perfect receptacle for keeping everything and anything you need out of sight from thieving eyes.

Simple installation

Don’t worry if you’re more focused on brushing up your four-wheel-driving skills than your handy skills. Our drawer systems are all designed for easy installation. You can do it yourself or we can lend you a hand to get it secured in place without a hitch.

Easy access

The last thing you need while you’re camping, working or travelling is to be digging around the inside of your four-wheel-drive looking for the tool or item you need. It’s simple to keep everything you need, and then some, organised, accessible and easy to reach at all times. Simply slide the drawer out in one smooth motion and find exactly what you want when you want it.

Dunn and Watson – the perfect 4×4 partner

Why choose Dunn and Watson for all your 4×4 accessories, hardware and parts?

Experience in the industry

We might like nothing more than packing up the 4WD and heading on an off road adventure, but we’re experienced fitting out all sorts of vehicles including camper trailers, horse floats, caravans, RVs, utes and more! This experience has honed our expertise in all things vehicle fit out, so we’re bound to know exactly how to make the most of your vehicle.

Custom fabrication options

While many of our products come in a range of sizes and styles, if you can’t find the exact product you’re looking for, we can help! Simply get in touch with our team and we’ll discuss your particular application, preferences and requirements. We’ll then get our custom fabrication team to turn out a tailored solution just for you. There’s nothing we can’t build!

Amazing product range

We love helping our customers install their brand new complete drawer system but our amazing, industry-leading range of products and accessories includes products as small as hinges and struts to full scale fridge slides and canopies. No matter what you’re looking for to fit out your four-wheel-drive with, we’re bound to have the perfect accessory.

Aussie products from an Aussie supplier

Did you know that we’re completely Australian owned and operated? All of our products are made in Australia, which means not only are they up to industry scratch and standard, we can personally guarantee them in terms of quality and function.

Buy now and pay later options

From Zip to AfterPay and PayPal, we offer a number of different payment options so you don’t have to shell it all out in one go. We’re all about making your entire experience of fitting out and customising your four-wheel-drive as enjoyable, easy and stress-free as possible.

Australia-wide delivery

We may be a local south east Queensland company but our products and accessories are enjoyed the nation over. With country-wide delivery and competitive shipping rates, you can order your Dunn and Watson 4×4 drawer system anywhere you want.