Our aluminium drawers have been designed to be lightweight, strong and easy to install and use. There are many benefits to installing aluminium drawers in your caravan, Ute or 4WD, but most people use them because they keep everything safe and secure. No-one wants equipment, nuts and bolts, and even tools rolling around the back of their vehicle, because they won’t be easy to find and can easily damage your vehicle. So installing aluminium drawers makes sense.

At Dunn and Watson, we have a range of affordable aluminium drawers to suit your needs, but we can also custom design these drawers if you can’t find a standard size that works for you. We have aluminium drawers that fit inside the tunnel boot of caravans, with or without a tray for a BBQ or fridge. We also have aluminium drawers that suit Utes and 4WDs and can be fitted with a sliding top and a fold out bench. They can also be fitted with a fridge slide on top, so you can install your fridge above the drawers to save space.

Our aluminium drawers are Australian made and made from either 3mm or 4mm thick aluminium plate. They operate on our 125kg drawer slides, however custom options can also operate on our 227kg heavy duty drawer slides. It all depends on the weight you need to carry.

Aluminium Drawers

Caravan Tunnel Boot Drawer


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