Once you have your Ute or 4WD set up for work or camping, it’s time to focus on the little extras that make life easier on the road. Recovery tracks are an essential emergency measure that are very affordable and hardly take up any room in the back of your Ute. Our 1100mm recovery tracks by TRED, are designed for mud, sand and even snow. They have an aggressive teeth design, shovel feature and ergonomic handles. Made in Australia, they are made for Australian conditions and can handle extreme levels of torque, impact and weight.

If the shovel on the TRED recovery tracks isn’t enough for you, why not take a Mean Mother multi shovel with you? With up to five different shovel configurations, this is a shovel that can dig you out of extreme trouble! The carbon steel blade with hardened tip and the zinc coated carbon steel core make this shovel extremely long lasting and durable. If you want a shovel that can dig you out of just about any 4WD disaster, the Mean Mother shovel ticks all the boxes.

Then there’s the Mean Mother Recovery Kit that’s ideal for people with winches on the trucks, as it’s designed to maximise the capability of your winch. This kit contains everything you need to self-recover or help someone else get out of a tight spot. The Mean Mother Maxi 2 Air Compressor is another great piece of equipment for 4WD enthusiasts, particularly if you love driving on sand.

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