A nice big tray is great until you need to access something at the back and find that it’s out of reach. This is where the Dunn & Watson tub slides come into play, because they make accessing the back of your tray really easy. We have two different models: our Gen 3 sliding floor and our aluminium tub slide.

The Gen 3 sliding floor is basically a false floor that slides in and out and has a capacity of 200kg of evenly spread weight with multiple tie down points. It’s made of heavy duty steel that’s powder coated and extends out to 75% of its length. The Gen 3 has intermittent locking and is available in the following sizes (the shorter sizes are good for dual cabs), although it can also be custom made to your specs:

  • 1200mm L x 590mm W
  • 1400mm L x 590mm W
  • 1700mm L x 590mm W
  • 1200mm L x 1000mm W
  • 1200mm L x 1000mm W
  • 1200mm L x 1000mm W

The aluminium tub slide can also take an evenly spread 200kg in weight, extends to 75% of its length and has a locking drawer slide. It’s available in the following sizes:

  • 1200mm L x 590mm W x 120mm high
  • 1400mm L x 590mm W x 120mm high
  • 1200mm L x 1000mm W x 120mm high
  • 1400mm L x 1000mm W x 120mm high

The main difference between the tub and the Gen 3 is that the latter is more of a flat floor, whilst the former has 120mm high edges making it more of a tray than a floor. They both operate on sealed bearings, giving them a smooth gliding motion even in dusty conditions, and have checker plate floors. The under tray Ute drawer (also suitable for caravans and RVs) is the ideal way to make use of dead space and turn it into useful storage space. It has a locking paddle handle on the front and a gas strut assisted lid to keep everything safely stowed out of the way. Available in the following sizes:

  • 900mm L x 800mm W
  • 1200mm L x 800mm W
  • 1500mm L x 800mm W
  • 1800mm L x 800mm W

Dunn & Watson have your storage and accessibility needs covered with these customisable options for 4WD pickups and Utes. All made in Australia. View our extensive range ofCaravan & UTE Tray Systems

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