The best way to secure a load is by using a low-set anchor point in the back of your Ute that minimises the movement of your load. You don’t want anything flimsy, because poor quality Tie Downs will struggle to retain your load, so it’s metal all the way! The Dunn & Watson range of quality Tie Downs gives you the freedom to install these tie downs in the best locations on the back of your Ute, which is useful if you always seem to carry similar loads (because these Tie Downs are fixed in place). If you carry a variety of different loads, however, and find that fixed Tie Downs don’t cut the mustard, then our range of adjustable anchor tracks gives you the versatility you need.

Our zinc plated anchor plate Tie Downs have a maximum load weight of 250 kg and can be installed anywhere in the back of your Ute where you need to secure a load. Our recessed Tie Downs are available in stainless steel and zinc plating and they sit flush with your deck and are spring loaded to prevent rattling in transit. The Dunn & Watson adjustable anchor tracks are manufactured from quality aluminium and available in lengths of 1800mm, 610mm and 305mm, all with a load capacity of 680kg. You can install these tracks on the floor or headboard of the tray. They can even be installed on the Dunn & Watson fridge slides, so that you can carry and secure other loads on the slide when your fridge is not needed.