Dunn & Watson have a wide range of Over Centre Fasteners that are suitable for canopies, caravans, camper trailers and toolboxes. They are available in zinc plated or stainless steel and in large, medium and small sizes. We also have our heavy duty solid stainless steel 4WD Lift Off Canopy Latches (set of 4) that are designed to fasten your canopy to your tray and come with a handy padlocking feature.

The heavy duty Over Centre stainless steel latches are front facing and can also be padlocked. The zinc plated Locking Over Centre Fasteners are available in only medium and large sizes and have a patented locking feature, specific to this particular fastener. The heavy duty Bolt On Over Centre Fasteners are for when the lighter weight fasteners are not sufficient for the job. They have a heavy duty spring running through them with a bolt on body and a weld on catch plate. Ideal for Ute tray drop sides and trailers. Our heavy duty Over Centre Weld On K8A Fasteners are suitable for canopies and horse float trailers and are a very robust latching system.

Over Centre Latch Features

Perfect for diverse applications

Our Over Centre Fasteners are suitable for a wide range of applications, making them the perfect choice for customers around Australia.

Whether you’re looking for a fastener to attach to a ute, canopy, trailer, horst float, campervan or even a toolbox, the Over Centre Fastener is a reliable, heavy duty solution that is sure to do the trick.


With options of both a zinc plated finish or a stainless steel finish, our fasteners are customisable to match your needs. We even offer extra heavy duty stainless steel centre latch varieties to suit a 4WD Lift Off Canopy Latch. Complete with a robust padlock feature for extra security, it’s a must-have addition to any top-to-bottom fit out.

Multiple sizes

The industrial-grade Over Centre Latch is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. If you’re not sure what sized latch is right for you, make sure to get in touch with our team for some tailored advice.

Note that the zinc plated varieties are available in medium and large sizes only.

Easy operation

Designed for easy installation and simple operation, our stainless steel over centre latch range is all front facing. This means easier access and intuitive functionality. Plus, with padlock capability you can keep the contents of your toolbox, canopy or trailer perfectly safe. It’s the easy way to enjoy peace of mind.

Light weight

Heavy duty fasteners don’t need to be heavy. Our Over Centre Fastener is designed and fabricated to ensure a lighter weight solution. Manufactured with an internal spring that can keep pace with frequent, long term use, and a bolt on body and weld on catch plate, this lightweight solution is ready for immediate installation and use.


The team at Dunn and Watson understands intimately what our customers need from their latches and fasteners. That’s why no effort has been spared in the design of a robust, heavy duty latching system. With a patented locking feature as well, it’s secure, safe and completely reliable.

Why choose Dunn and Watson?

Dunn and Watson has been providing high quality hardware, accessories and spare parts across Australia for decades.

With the largest range of online accessories in the country, coupled with cost effective pricing, excellent customer service, and experienced expertise in all things vehicular fit out, it’s no wonder our customers keep coming back to us.

Not only are our parts and products perfect for everything from four-wheel-drives to caravans, and from utes to boats, but our custom fabrication services means that even if you can’t find the right item amongst our extended stock, we can still help you!

If you have specific requirements or want a custom job for a particular application, make sure to reach out to our friendly team today. Whether it’s as simple as an Over Centre Latch or as complex as a full scale fit out, we’re here for you!