Whether you’re customising your 4WD for off road trips or making sure that your work Ute or truck is all set up, you want quality vehicle accessories. At Dunn & Watson, we have everything you need to get your 4WD, Ute or truck on the road. From mud flaps, bash plates and snorkels to canopy control systems, wiring kits, seat covers, recovery boards and much more.


When you’re on the road, you need all the power you can get! That’s why Dunn & Watson stocks only the best 12 Volt accessories on the market – battery chargers that stand up to the rough and tumble of 4WD enthusiasts. Whether you’re a tradie or an avid off-roader, we have the battery chargers you need to make life on the road a sheer delight!

Enerdrive ePOWER DC2DC+ Battery Charger 40A: A fully automatic multistage, multi input battery charger that can be charged from an alternator and battery combo or from solar panels (it comes with a built-in MPPT solar controller).

Enerdrive ePOWER 12V 40A Battery Charger: Our list of 12 Volt accessories includes this fully automatic, ‘set and forget’ battery charger that quickly and efficiently charges your batteries. Multistage charging, separate battery banks and programmable.

Enerdrive ePOWER 1000W True Sine Wave Inverter: Great if you want to operate many AC powered appliances, including regular plugs (GPO outlets). Lots of great features. We also have a 200W True Sine Wave Inverter.

Enerdrive ePOWER PWM 30A Solar Charge Controller: Protects your battery from overcharging and discharging and maintains 12/24V batteries in a fully charged state.

Enerdrive ePRO Plus Battery Monitor: Monitor the charges on your batteries and control your external equipment, whether they’re running on lead or lithium batteries with this high performance battery monitor.

Enerdrive ePOWER B-TEC 125Ah Lithium Battery: The Dunn & Watson 12 Volt accessories include this deep cycle battery with wireless battery monitoring technology.

4WD Canopy Power Boards: Powered by Enerdrive and made in Australia, this board gives you the ability to run all your electrical equipment and appliances on the road with outlets for solar and inverters.

4WD Canopy Power Boards with 2000W Inverter: With a True Sine Inverter powered by Enerdrive, you can even run a microwave or coffee machine on the road. This is one of our 12 Volt accessories that takes off road driving to a whole new level!

Off Grid Canopy Power Kit: If you’re taking off around Australia then this Off Grid kit is a necessity! It comes with a True Sine Wave Inverter, 125Ah Lithium Battery, Power Board and Solar Panels.

Canopy Control Panel with Enerdrive DC2DC+ Charger: Another one of our quality 12 Volt accessories for setting off your canopy for work or play.

We also have a canopy control system with a redarc charger and separate wiring kit or a canopy control system without a redarc charger with separate wiring kit.

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4X4 Accessories - 4wd Apparel

4wd Apparel

4X4 Accessories - TRED Recovery Systems

TRED Recovery Systems

4X4 Accessories - Crashpad Swags

Crashpad Swags

If you’re on the road and want to save money on motels or simply love sleeping under the stars then our Crashpad Swags are ideal! We have a single or double swag, both made from super tough materials and designed to keep you comfortable in the Aussie outback. Our Crashpad Swags range also includes a Crashpad Crashmat, which is a multipurpose tarp that can be used as a ground sheet, awning or wind break (2m x 3m). Topped off with our Crashpad Sleeping Bag, you have everything you need for a night in the Aussie bush.

4X4 Accessories - Interior Accessories

Interior Accessories

If you’re in the market for comfort, then we have the MSA Premium Canvas 4WD seat covers, MSA Tradie Gear 4WD Seat Covers, and our Neoprene car seat covers.

4X4 Accessories - Mean Mother Recovery Accessories

Mean Mother Recovery Accessories

4X4 Accessories - Snorkels


Our Australian made snorkels come in 316 grade stainless steel or can be powder coated black to match the colour of your vehicle’s paint.

4X4 Accessories - Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle Accessories

Why not check out the Dunn & Watson logo mud flaps or add your own brand to our plain mudflaps to advertise your business?

For our avid campers, we have the Dunn & Watson 4×4 Canopy Roof Top Tent (Gen 3) and a Portable Shower Water Heater Box for ultra comfort on the road.

Our Australian made Ute Drop Sides are great for tradies and can be attached to new trays or integrated into existing trays. We also have TRED Pro 4×4 Recovery Boards in various colours and TRED Pro Mounting Brackets for these boards. Our list of vehicle accessories includes work lights – the Narva Rechargeable LED Audio Lights with 2000 Lumens or 5000 Lumens and the Narva 12V LED Strip Lamp.