Greatest hinge selection in Australia

The team at Dunn & Watson understands what it takes to get a DIY job done perfectly: it all rests on reliable, high-quality hinges.

Fortunately for you, we stock the greatest range of hinges–of all types, styles and sizes–for all your custom caravan, campervan, trailer, ute, truck and canopy needs.

Hinge types

When you’re tinkering and tailoring your vehicle, the success of the job hinges on using the right hinge.

We stock a wide variety of hinges to suit just about any application:

  • Continuous hinges
  • Piano hinges
  • Concealed hinges
  • 4×4 hinges
  • Pintle hinges
  • PVC hinges
  • Rear fixing hinges
  • Strap hinges
  • Truck door hinges
  • Weld on bullet hinges

High quality

Dunn & Watson doesn’t enjoy its reputation for being a leader in all things vehicle products and hardware for no reason. In addition to our stellar customer service, our range of hinges, drawers, fasteners and more are backed by our quality guarantee. Our team has the experience and the expertise to know what you’ll need for your specific application. So make sure you talk to our us today.

Expert finishes

Every single one of our hinges is assessed and reviewed for the utmost quality. Every hinge comes completely finished in either stainless steel, galvanised or zinc plated, chrome, black plastic, or mild steel.

Not sure which finish is the right one for you? The Dunn & Watson team love chatting about any and all things hinges, so give us a call today.

Thickness and length

Our continuous hinges are available in a wide variety of both thicknesses and lengths. When you place an order with Dunn & Watson you can customise the size of your hinge so that it fits perfectly in any application.

Galvanised finish

The piano hinge is available in a galvanised finish with a high quality and durable brass pin. Alternatively, you can opt for a stainless finish complete with a completely stainless pin.

Industry leading

We’re constantly innovating our product range and offering to our customers. By keeping a close eye on the market, we ensure that our products are industry-leading and meeting the requirements of our customers.

Before we introduce a new line of hinges, our research and development process includes first examining the quality, applications and full range already existing in both Australian and global markets. This allows us to ensure we capitalise on any opportunities available and improve on the products available for our customers. What does this mean for you? It means higher quality and more innovative products, including hinges, for more seamless, effective and hassle-free application.

Bush proof

Your trailer, campervan or ute should be designed, fabricated and kitted to keep up with your adventures. Whether you’re heading on a road trip or going off-road you need to know that your equipment will live up to the challenge. Our spare parts, hardware and hinges are all 100% bush proof. Designed, fabricated and checked by 4WD and DIY enthusiasts, we know what it takes to get the job done.

DIY professionally

DIY professionally? Sounds like an oxymoron! Nope – if you want your DIY job to look and function just like if it was done by a professional look no further than the products, hinges and more available right here at Dunn & Watson. It’s the simple, stress-free way of achieving that professional-level vehicle customisation without shelling out buckets of cash.

Complementary accessories

Whether you’re working on a camper trailer, caravan or boat fabrication project you’ll need access to a lot more than just hinges. Conveniently, we stock and sell an extensive selection of gas struts, locks, handles, drawer slides, foam seals, rubber seals, fasteners, 4×4 hinges and much, much more.

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Hinges - Butt Hinge

Butt Hinge

Hinges - Continuous / Piano Hinges

Continuous / Piano Hinges

Continuous hinges

A continuous hinge, also known as a piano hinge, is designed and fabricated to run the entire length of the door, window, panel or box. They can be made both with or without holes and are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and thicknesses.

Piano hinges

A piano hinge is another term for a continuous hinge. So called because of their use in piano lids, piano hinges are also excellent for use in a wide variety of applications and can be customised to exact specifications.

Hinges - General Hinge

General Hinge

Concealed hinges

Concealed hinges, as its name suggests, are hidden and are often used in cabinets, wardrobes and closets. They’re an excellent option for vehicles as well and can be fabricated to suit a wide variety of applications for caravans, trailers, utes and more.

4×4 hinges

Our unique selection of 4×4 hinges are manufactured specifically for use in four wheel drive applications. Incredibly strong, durable and sturdy, they’re designed to hit the open road, the less travelled backroads and the untravelled off-road along with you.

PVC hinges

A PVC hinge is simply a hinge made from the material called polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This synthetic resin is used in a wide variety of household products including hinges for use in campervans, caravans, utes, trucks, trailers and boats.

Rear fixing hinges

You guessed it! A rear fixing hinge is attached behind the object or application in question with everything being concealed from the front. It’s excellent for use on toolbox or small compartment applications and is perfect for that seamless, professional looking finish.

Weld on bullet hinges

Weld on bullet hinges are compact and strong little hinges used in metal applications, be that doors, drawers or frames. Also called lift off hinges, barrel hinges or just bullet hinges, Dunn & Watsons’ weld on bullet hinges are the premier products across Australia.

Hinges - Pintle Hinges

Pintle Hinges

A pintle hinge is a hinge that contains both moving and fixed parts. The ‘pintle’ is the name of the small pin which can sit both internally or externally to the hinge.

Hinges - Strap On

Strap On

Strap hinges have long ‘flaps’ that are used to provide extra strength and stability to an application. Used for longer or large applications where more strength is required, Dunn & Watson’s strap hinges are the leaders in terms of quality and reliability.

Hinges - Truck Door Hinge

Truck Door Hinge

No prizes for guessing this one! Truck door hinges are custom designed for exactly that: being used for the doors on trucks. These hinges are fabricated to bear the added weight of a heavy truck door without compromising function, accessibility or quality.

Hinges - Weld On Bullet

Weld On Bullet