Are you looking to make the most of the compact storage spaces in your four-wheel-drive or ute? Our tray toolboxes are a great solution! All of our toolboxes are Australian-made from high quality aluminium. This means your tray will be strong and durable without coming at the cost of being super heavy.

Double tapered tray toolbox

The double tapered ute tray toolbox fits perfectly under your tray and can accommodate aluminium wheel arches as well. Constructed to the highest of standards, this completely weather sealed accessory also comes with a whale tail compression handle for easy use and instant access.

Single tapered rope rail ute tray toolbox

The ute tray toolbox is an excellent storage option for rope rail applications. Like our other tray toolboxes, there’s plenty of space available for tools, equipment and other items. Corrosion and weather resistant, thanks to the quality aluminium, it’s complete with an ergonomically designed whale tail compression handle.

Slide out under tray

The slide out under tray design does exactly what its name suggests: slides out! Enjoy frictionless and seamless access to this deep and stackable storage space solution. Whether you need to keep tools, straps or other items safe from exposure to the weather or other elements, the tight seal will stand up to any off-road adventure.