4×4 Locks & 4×4 Handles Range

Trailer Parts Direct is one of Australia’s largest online suppliers of 4×4 locks and 4×4 handles used largely for trailers, trucks, 4WDs, horse floats, boats and so on. Popular locks and handles include our stainless steel recessed folding T handles, paddle handles, compression locks, swing handles, ‘T’ and ‘L’ handles, recessed cam locks and standard cam kits.

Given that our locks and handles are heavily used in the manufacture of camper trailers, caravans and boats, you might also be interested in our range of hinges, fasteners, drawer slides, foam and rubber seals, gas struts and more. When we look at introducing a new line of hardware, we investigate the full range existing in both Australia and overseas. This is why we have such an extensive range of 4×4 locks and 4×4 handles available.

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Locks and Handles - ‘L’ Handles

'L' Handles

Our range of ‘L’ handles includes rear fixing, front fixing and padlocking. The rear fixing ‘L’ handle features a rear fixing thread and is key lockable. The front fixing ‘L’ handle features a front facing thread and is also key locking, whilst our non-locking ‘L’ handle is also front fixing and finally we have our rear fixing, padlocking ‘L’ handle. Front fixing ‘L’ handles are generally used on tool boxes, horse floats and 4WD canopies, non-locking ‘L’ handles are generally used for doors where you don’t want the door to be locked, for example where you store your recovery gear. Padlocking ‘L’ handles are used where you need a little more security than normal. If you’re not sure which of these 4×4 locks is best for your project, just give us a call today.

Locks and Handles - ‘T’ Handles

'T' Handles

The Dunn & Watson ‘T’ handles are available in a black powder coated finish, black plastic finish or chrome plated finish. You can choose between our rear fixing (screws are concealed at the rear of the fitting) or front fixing ‘T’ handles (screws are located on the front face of the handle), standard pop up ‘T’ handles or our slimline pop up ‘T’ handles. These 4×4 locks are all water resistant, key locking and low profile. They feature a square drive shaft that can be combined with tongue and cable accessories, as well as rod systems and slam latches. These ‘T’ handles are great for numerous applications, including roller doors on horse floats.

As you can see, we have a large range of 4×4 locks and 4×4 handles, suitable for most DIY applications. However, if you need any help deciding which of these locks and handles is best for your project, just give us a call on 1300 210 549 and we can help you make your decision.

Locks and Handles - Cam Locks

Cam Locks

Often used on rear truck doors and small work trucks, these light duty, zinc plated cam lock kits are available in three sizes: 22mm, 27mm, and 34mm. All you need is the pipe and you are good to go!

Locks and Handles - Compression Locks

Compression Locks

Compression locks are operated by pressing down on the central button, which can be any finger, as well as the thumb. Once the central button is pressed, the internal lock is released and the handle slides out and the drawer can be opened. These 4×4 locks are often used in camper trailers, caravans, tool boxes and 4WD vehicles. Available in black or white powder coated finishes, as well as chrome plated.

Locks and Handles - Folding T-Handles

Folding T-Handles

We have a large range of standard folding T handles, rotary locking T handles, compression action folding T handles, whale tail folding T handles and much more, all for a variety of applications. One of the big features of these 4×4 handles is that whilst the majority of them are lockable, they also incorporate an easy to use handle as well. You just pop the folding T handle out, grab it and you can easily open and close the drawer whatever the folding T handle is attached on your vehicle, caravan or camper trailer. Depending on which folding T handle you select, you have options between stainless steel, chrome plated and powder coated (the latter are available in a variety of colours).

Locks and Handles - General Locks

General Locks

Our general 4×4 locks are ideal for trailer or caravan doors, as well as boats and other marine applications. We have powder coated or chrome plated trailer door locks, caravan push button latches, as well as pull latches for boats, recessed D pulls and plastic finger pulls. If you need help finding the right type of general locks for your DIY project, just give us a call and we can help you decide which is best.

Locks and Handles - Grab Handles

Grab Handles

Grab handles are ideal for opening drawers, doors and chests, particularly when there isn’t a locking handle or lock and when security isn’t a priority. Some of these grab handles are zinc or chrome plated, others are powder coated over steel and yet others are plastic. We also have standard chest handles and spring loaded chest handles that are zinc plated and great for your DIY projects. These grab handles are all very useful and affordable and have a variety of applications. In fact, they can also be used as tie-downs, but they don’t have a load rating.

Locks and Handles - Paddle Handles

Paddle Handles

Paddle handles are very popular for DIY 4WD projects where they are used as handles on cargo drawers and the side doors of camper trailers. Available in a variety of sizes, locking configurations and finishes, the distinctive feature of these handles is that they can be slammed shut. Some of these paddle handles are key lockable, others are pad lockable and yet others are not lockable or pad lockable. Choose between powder coated and stainless steel options.

Locks and Handles - Swing Handles

Swing Handles

These 4×4 handles are available in three configurations (pad locking, non-locking and key locking), but we also have a power operated swing handle as well. These handles are great for added security and are flush fitting, vandal resistant, chrome plated and weather resistant. They are perfect for securing tool boxes and canopies on your 4WD. Even the non-locking swing handle is useful, because it takes longer to open your toolbox or canopy than other types of handles.