A slide & tilt fridge slide is best suited for fridges that are installed on top of cargo drawers and can’t be accessed easily because they are too high. The aim of these fridge slides is to slide the fridge forward and tilt it downwards so that you can easily see inside the fridge and access its contents. These Dunn & Watson fridge slides are available in 50L and under, 60L and over, 80L and over, and 95L and over, but can be custom made to suit your needs. Sizes are as follows (we add an additional 10mm to both the length and width to allow for the 6mm stainless steel rivet heads):

  • 50L and under: 395mm W x 675mm L
  • 60L and over: 525 W x 805mm L
  • 80L and over: 525 W x 905mm L
  • 95L and over: 550mm W x 950mm L

These slides are the same size as the standard fridge slides with the main difference being that they tilt your fridge forward and down. The 50L and under and the 60L and over fridge slides are made from 3mm aluminium, whilst the 80L and over and the 95L and over are made from 4mm aluminium. The 50L and under fridge slide operates with a 125kg locking drawer slide, whilst the 60L and over, 80L and over, and 95L and over, operate with the heavy duty 227kg locking drawer slides. These locking drawer slides ensure that the fridge remains in place in the fully closed and fully extended positions to prevent accidents. They are also fitted with Dunn & Watson gas struts that make the operation of these fridge slides effortless.

Slide and tilt fridge slides are easy to use, you simply unlock the tray and slide it towards you, then pivot it downwards. Access what you need in the fridge, use the gas assisted struts to lift it back to horizontal, and then slide it back and lock in place. All Dunn & Watson slide and tilt fridge slides are made in Australia. View our extensive range of fridge slides