A Spring Bolt is the easiest way to secure drawers and doors to prevent them from opening in transit. The spring ensures that the bolt won’t slide back and forth as you are driving, which can happen over rough terrain. The ability to attach a padlock to the Spring Bolt allows you to actually lock your drawers or doors as well, making them doubly secure. They are available in extra-large for both gates and big shed doors (zinc plated) or large (our most popular size; marine grade heavy duty 304 stainless steel or zinc plated) suitable for drawers, doors and as an alternative to fridge slide locking devices.

The medium sized Spring Bolt is to some extent self locating when the bolt is released; if it doesn’t quite line up with the holes the arrow tip head of the pin allows it to locate the hole and lock in place securely. The small Spring Bolt is a simple latch, ideal for small tool boxes. All these Spring Bolts are front fixing and suitable for canopies, camper trailers and caravans.