A sideways fridge slide is suitable for 4WDs and Utes with a back or sideways opening canopy. Made from 3mm aluminium, they are available in a range of standard sizes, but can be customised to suit your exact size requirements. Standard sizes include 50L and under, 60L and over, 80L and over, and 95L and over, as follows:

  • 50L and under: 675mm W x 408mm L
  • 60L and over: 805 W x 510mm L
  • 80L and over: 905 W x 525mm L
  • 95L and over: 950mm W x 550mm L

As you can see from these measurements, these fridge slides are wider than they are long, which allows for sliding your fridge out sideways. They are suitable for many fridges, but some you may know are Engel, Waeco and Evakool. All of these models operate with a 227kg locking drawer slide, except for the 50L and below, which operates with a 125kg locking drawer slide. These locking drawer slides lock in both the fully closed and open positions. This is an added safety feature that ensures the fridge slide won’t accidentally slide open in transit or when you park on a slope and it won’t slide backwards if someone knocks it when it’s open.

A key feature of these sideways fridge slides is that they are pretty lightweight, so they shouldn’t cause a problem with your GVM. They also open to their full extension so it’s easy to reach food tucked away in the back of the fridge. You can also install these sideways fridge slides on top of Dunn & Watson Drawer systems, increasing the storage space in the back of your Ute or 4WD pickup. Securing your fridge to the slide is easy, you simply slip your locking straps through the punch holes in the side of the tray. All Dunn & Watson sideways fridge slides are made in Australia. View our extensive range of fridge slides