Packing all your gear into the back of your Ute is great until you need to climb inside to reach something at the back. That’s where the Dunn and Watson Gen 3 Tub Slide and the aluminium false sliding Ute tray floor come into the picture. The Gen 3 Tub Slide is a moving platform that comes in different widths and lengths to suit your needs. For example, we have sizes to fit single or dual cabs, and you can have a platform that only covers half of the Ute’s width, allowing you to store other packages or gear on the floor next to the moving platform. It has plenty of tie down points, intermittent locking (great when parked on slopes) and a checker plate floor. It also extends far enough out the back of the Ute, so you easily grab whatever is stored at the back.

Our other product, the aluminium false sliding Ute tray floor, is a laser cut product and can be custom made to fit the internal specifications of your Ute (we also have standard sizes available). Locally sourced bearings and tray make it easy to replace if needed in the future. With a three-quarter extension and a smooth gliding motion, it can carry up to 200kg of evenly spread weight and is made from heavy duty aluminium so it’s long lasting and durable.

We also have an under tray Ute drawer, featuring a fold up bench with gas struts. Fitted just behind the number plate, this drawer maximises the use of storage space for your Ute and the bench gives you additional workspace.

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