Our ute trays come in two distinct styles:

  • The Dunn and Watson Tourer Tray
  • The Dunn and Watson Tradie Tray

Both the tourer and the tradie tray are available in standard sizes, 1800 millimetres by 1800 millimetres and with a weight of approximately 120 kilograms, but we can also custom build a ute tray to suit your specific requirements.

All of our trays are fabricated on site, right here in Australia, so we can guarantee quality control and durability to the highest of national and international standards. Using tough 3.0 millimetre and 4.0 millimetre aluminium, these ute trays make the perfect complementary addition to any and all canopies.

There are a range of different features to our tray: including the high quality and long-lasting MAXILAMP lights to help you use your tray no matter what time of the day or night it is.

There are a variety of lock types available to go with your tray, depending on your preferences, as well as other optional additions such as custom headboards, double tapered side boxes, under tray drawers and a whole lot more.

The pinchweld seal is completely water proof and dust proof, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your tray’s interior and contents will be 100% protected. The black rear facing hinge is designed not just to look great but to function even better!

Specially designed, tested and manufactured drawer slides are built to be heavy duty and hold up to 227 kilograms. The side boards include high quality stainless steel strap hinges, gudgeons and nylon bushes. Last but not least, all of our ute trays can also be powder coated or spray painted depending on what you prefer.

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