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Custom Under Tray Ute Drawers

Australian-made custom Under Tray Ute Drawer to your requested dimensions. All we need to know is your required external length, width, and height, and how much weight the drawer needs to support. Space is precious in your 4wd and a custom Under Tray Ute Drawer can help ensure no space is wasted.

As one of Australia’s leading hardware suppliers, we can manufacture your custom Under Tray Ute Drawer on our industry-recognised 227kg non locking drawer slides. The drawer comes with a weather seal and compression handle.

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Custom Under Tray Ute Drawers

Important – All fields must be completed in order top to bottom. This includes marking fields ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as you move through the form questions. Builder will NOT work if fields are unanswered or answered out of sequence.

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  • Please note: width is overall (includes angled flange for mounting). Height is drawer height (front face hangs slightly lower)
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  • Please note: Whale tail requires minimum 210mm height to be mounted.
  • Please note: Lift up lid comes hinged at the back & on gas struts
  • For example if you wanted two locks fitted?
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INCLUSIONS - Custom Under Tray Ute Drawers

  • Australian-made from 3mm aluminum
  • Drawers operate on our 227kg Drawer Slides
  • Customised to your required L x W x H
  • Optional lift up lid as a table table top
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About Dunn And Watson

Established in 2011, Dunn & Watson Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer specializing in 4wd Ute Trays, Canopies and 4×4 storage solutions. With a commitment to strength and reliability, we design and manufacture products to handle Australia’s toughest conditions. Our pride in workmanship is reflected in the quality we deliver.