What to look for when buying a used 4WD?

used4wd dunnandwatson

Australians love their 4×4 trucks and all of the 4WD accessories that can be added, so it’s no surprise to learn that they are very popular in the used car market. To help make sure that you don’t buy a 4×4 that is past its use by date, here are 4 checks that are essential, before you hand over your money.

Check for damage under the truck

You can just about guarantee that a truck with lots of off-road 4×4 accessories was previously owned by someone who spent as much time as possible in the outback, testing the truck’s capabilities. This means that the underneath of the vehicle is very likely to have sustained damage over the years, so you need to either get it on a ramp or get underneath to check it out. Look for damage to any of the easily damaged areas, particularly the fuel tanks.

Check for rust and corrosion

Despite the anti-corrosion treatments that are on most vehicles, the bashing and damage caused to the underneath of 4WDs can be substantial. This usually happens when the bare metal has been exposed and was not treated properly following repairs. Check the engine bay and chassis as well for corrosion, looking for structural problems, rather than just superficial rust that can be easily fixed.

Check the 4×4 accessories

When you buy a used 4WD, there are usually plenty of 4WD accessories included, which can be a great way to save money. It’s important however, to check that all of these 4×4 accessories have been fitted correctly, so ask for installation invoices and warranties as well. If the seller can’t provide proof of the installations and give you the warranties, you might want to look elsewhere.

Check the interior

Make sure to check every rubber seal on the doors and windows, otherwise you might end up with a foot of water inside when you drive through a creek. Also check the footwells and door jambs for rust and look for mould or damp under the carpets throughout the truck. Whether the seats are intact or not, might not be a problem to you, but if it is all worn and ripped, this indicates how much care and attention the truck has been given by previous owners – giving you pause for thought.

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