Top 5 caravan accessories and must haves

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As far as caravan accessories go, the list is endless and you can spend an enormous amount of money updating and setting up your caravan for your holidays and weekend trips. Not everyone has a bottomless pit of money however, with many of us only able to afford the basics and one or two luxuries.

If you have been considering spending some money on your caravan, why not pick one of our top five caravan accessories that are both practical and affordable?

  1. Portable caravan water tanks: Everyone needs fresh water on holiday and lugging water tanks to and from the mains supply at the campsite can be a real pain. Of course, you can drive across the park in your 4WD, but wheeled caravan water tanks make fetching water easier and much more fun.
  2. Gas struts: These are just about essential for an easy life when you are on holiday or touring around Australia. No one wants to be hauling up beds to access storage or struggling to lift a popup when the gas struts are broken. Taking a few spare gas struts with you is a great idea, because you never know when your 4WD or caravan is going to need a replacement.
  3. Additional battery: Having the freedom to pass on powered sites and set up camp anywhere that takes your fancy depends on your battery power. We all know that there is a big difference between ‘roughing it’ and having a great time outdoors, and an extra battery is one of the caravan accessories that makes practical sense on the road.
  4. Reversing camera: This must be one of the best caravan accessories for inexperienced drivers who haven’t clocked up much time towing a caravan. Driving forwards isn’t such a problem, but reversing into tight spaces or cramped sites at a caravan park can be a nightmare. Reversing cameras aren’t very expensive and they can seriously reduce your blind spots and your stress levels when everyone is waiting for you to reverse the caravan!
  5. Weight distribution devices: Another one of our recommended caravan accessories is a weight distribution device that is perfect for both new and experienced towers. These attach to the coupling of your caravan and increase the stability of your tow by reducing how much it sways from side to side. They operate by transferring some of the towing weight to the front of the towing vehicle making steering and braking much easier.

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