Best caravan accessories and 4WD accessories for your next Aussie trip

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If you are getting your truck and caravan ready for your next trip around Australia, here are the top caravan accessories and 4WD accessories you can’t do without.

  1. Bullbars: No-one in their right mind goes out bush without a sturdy steel bullbar and there are plenty of these essential 4×4 accessories on the market. Talk to your 4WD specialist to find the right one for your truck.
  2. Cargo Barriers: These keep everything stowed in the back of your 4WD from being thrown forward if you hit the brakes or have an accident. Many people have escaped serious injury solely due to having one of these fitted in their truck. These are very affordable 4WD accessories, but are worth their weight in gold.
  3. Backup Battery: When you are in the bush on a remote road, the last thing you want is a flat battery and if you are on your own, then your jumper leads won’t be much use to you. This is why carrying a spare backup battery is another of those important 4×4 accessories you need to tick off your list.
  4. Recovery Points: When you get bogged (and it will happen!), you are going to be there a long time unless you pack another one of our essential 4WD accessories – recovery points. Without these fitted to your car, it’s going to be very difficult to get yourself out of a gully.
  5. Bike Racks: These are great for both caravans and 4WDs, as they give you the freedom of zipping around the local area without having to fire up the 4WD. Many people actually love to get out an explore a new area on their bike, so a bike rack is on our list of essential caravan accessories.
  6. Caravan level indicator: This cool gadget sits on the floor of your caravan and let’s you know when it’s level with your car. The wireless transmitter sits in the ‘van and the receiver in your 4WD, taking all the frustration out of hooking up your caravan and making sure it’s level.
  7. Rear view cameras: Having a rear view camera in your 4WD is fine, except that it’s no good if your caravan is blocking the view. This is where you need another camera set up at the back of your caravan, making reversing into tight spaces a breeze. Tick this one off your caravan accessories list!
  8. Wood Rack: When your family loves a campfire, but you can’t collect wood in the National Park or there isn’t much around where you want to camp, a wood rack is your solution. You can buy a bag of firewood from your local servo, strap it to your wood rack and you are good to go!

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