The must have 4WD accessories for your next trip

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If you need 4WD accessories for your next trip, you won’t go short of options. There are so many different types of accessories on the market and a whole host of manufacturers to boot – that it can make your head spin!

To make matters worse (or better!), new products are entering the market all the time, while old ones are being improved. So where do you start? What 4WD accessories do you really need, and which ones do you choose? You might be surprised to learn that many vehicles that take to the outback, only have the most basic 4×4 accessories, with maybe one or two extra items to make life easier on the road.

The main reason to invest your money in 4WD accessories is to make sure that your vehicle can do what you need it to do on the road. So if you are ready to improve the safety, comfort or functionality of your 4WD, here is our pick of the most essential 4×4 accessories.

Off-road tyres: The basic tyres that come with a new 4WD are not off-road suitable, so if that is your reason for buying a new 4WD, you will need to invest in a new set of tyres. All terrain tyres are very popular, but if you do a lot of mud driving then ‘muddies’ are your best bet.

Recovery gear: It goes without saying that you need the right 4WD accessories to get yourself out of a pickle in the bush, but don’t forget to install safe points which will take the strain of pulling your car out of the mud or ditch. Consider snatch straps, shackles, traction boards, winch extensions and a long-handled shovel as your basic recovery gear.

Suspension: Corrugations in the outback are legendary, so if your suspension isn’t tough enough, you need to take your vehicle to the shop and have the right 4×4 accessories fitted. Sometimes the factory suspension is good enough, but if you are heading towards gravel roads and corrugations, it’s best to upgrade your suspension.

Bull-bars: No 4WD looks the part unless it’s fitted with a sturdy bulbar, which not only makes your truck look awesome, but is one of the essential 4×4 accessories in the bush. Kangaroos are everyone’s worst nightmare in the bush, but there are also lots of other large animals that can cripple an unprotected vehicle in the outback.

If you want help selecting the right 4×4 accessories for your vehicle, contact the team at Dunn & Watson on 1300 210 549 or shoot us an email.