What 4WD accessories do you need for your next trip?


If you are heading off for a holiday in the outback, you’ll need a few of the basic 4WD accessories for a safe and comfortable trip. The basics you need are outback tyres, adequate storage (cargo drawers or 4×4 drawers), heavy duty suspension, driving lights, a GPS, bull-bar and a satellite phone or UHF.

Outback tyres: There are plenty of affordable off-road 4WD tyres on the market, but the big decision is going to be between tyres that are good for mud and tyres that are good for dirt tracks. There are lots more factors involved in selecting your tyres, so it’s best to talk to the experts and be guided by their advice on buying these 4WD accessories.

Storage: Without adequate storage, you won’t be able to find anything in the back of your 4WD, because it will all be a jumble. It’s also much safer to keep everything in lockdown, so that large and heavy items don’t become dangerous missiles when you are navigating down a steep gully. Cargo drawers and 4×4 drawers are some of the more popular 4WD accessories for storage and you’ll really appreciate having them installed when you hit your first gully.

Suspension: Washboard roads, clay pans and washed out roads are all par for the course in the outback. This means that one of the essential 4WD accessories is a solid suspension and lift kit that will increase your clearance and give you a reasonable ride without your 4WD falling apart!

Driving lights: Quality spotlights or LED lights for when the sun goes down and you are still driving in the outback are essential. There are some huge Roos out there, as well as camels and buffalo, so investing in lights that throw a 500m beam makes sense.

Bull-bar: Driving in the outback without the protection of a bull-bar is not a good idea, so you will need to have one installed ASAP and before you head off on your trip. This is one of those 4WD accessories that is great for city driving as well!

GPS: Gone are the days when you need to balance a map book on your steering wheel to find your way in the outback. Whilst all dirt tracks won’t be included on the GPS maps and you might have to take pot-luck, the major roads will be included, which is better than navigating by the seat of your pants.

Communication: It’s likely that your smartphones won’t work for long as you head off to the interior, so you will need some other form of communication. If you can afford both 4WD accessories, then a satellite phone and a UHF will cover all bases when you are in the outback.

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