Why should only use the best gas struts on your 4WD?


Gas struts don’t immediately come to mind when you are thinking about 4WD accessories, but these humble pieces of equipment make life so much easier for tradies, campers and 4WD enthusiasts. These struts can be fitted to just about anything that opens and closes, from windows and doors to caravan storage compartments and beds with under storage.

We can’t deny that gas struts are one of the most useful 4×4 accessories, providing both lifting power and a smooth opening and closing motion in situations where weight can be a huge problem. Unfortunately, there are many poor quality gas struts available on the market, enticing many tradies, 4WD owners and campers with their lower prices.

The question that should be asked at this point is – are the cheaper struts value for money or are they a liability?

Should you opt for lower priced gas struts at the cost of quality?

We all know that you usually get what you pay for in this world, so if something is really cheap, then the quality usually matches the price. Of course, we can be seriously overcharged for some items, so it pays to do your own research to ensure that the price you pay for your gas struts is equal to their quality.

In general however, the cheaper the price of these 4WD accessories, the poorer the quality. The cheaper struts are not going to give you the same quality as more expensive struts, and where your safety is concerned, you always want to opt for the highest quality. Safety is one of the most important factors to consider, because after all, you don’t want the struts to fail and hit you on the head!

The other factor to consider is their longevity, because the cheaper the struts, the shorter the time until they fail and need replacing. Having to replace the struts frequently is not only frustrating and a safety hazard (because they keep failing), but it can also cost you more in the long run.

It’s much better to spend the money upfront and invest in high quality 4×4 accessories, such as gas struts, backed up by a reputable brand, than to save a few bucks, but end of frustrated and annoyed shortly after making your purchase.

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