Toughest 4×4 accessories for the worst outback roads

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If you are new to outback driving, you might be tempted to spend big on as many 4×4 accessories as you can afford. There’s nothing wrong with this approach if you can afford it, but a much better option is to spend your money on the basics that will get you through the worst situations safely.

So, if you are heading into the outback and are looking forward to taking on some of the worst roads in living memory, here are our top six 4wd accessories that you must have on your truck.

  1. Bullbars: Ideal for city driving, bullbars are essential 4×4 accessories for outback driving. A sturdy steel bulbar not only protects the occupants of the vehicle, but they are also designed to deflect incoming objects, whether that’s a kangaroo or an unwelcome tree.
  2. Suspension kits: For outback driving in tough conditions, a suspension kit is worth its weight in gold. These kits let you go across terrain that would cripple other vehicles, giving you greater clearance for your diffs and the room to fit bigger tyres. As far as 4wd accessories go, a suspension kit ramps up the fun factor and gives your drive true meaning.
  3. Air snorkels: Crossing water is one of the joys of outback driving, making an air intake snorkel another one of your essential 4×4 accessories. Snorkels ensure that your engine doesn’t drown half way across a stream, instead it receives clean, cool air to keep everything moving forward.
  4. Secondary fuel tanks: As any outbacker will know, fuel stops are few and far between, but with a secondary fuel tank you can go for much longer before you need to refuel. Not forgetting that sandy terrain can increase your fuel consumption by up to 50% as well, so these 4wd accessories make sure that you can go the distance and still get home safe.
  5. 4wd drawers: Not the first of our 4×4 accessories that comes to mind, but without them you will struggle to move your fridge, generator and other heavy items on the road. Installing 4wd drawers is simple and low cost and can make all the difference to the comfort factor of your trip.
  6. Auxiliary battery: Most 4WDs have an array of different electrical devices that will eat your power and drain your battery. A second battery is just about essential, giving you the ability to power your winch, spotlights, work lights and other power-hungry equipment without flattening your 4WD’s battery.

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