What are some of the luxury 4×4 accessories on the market?

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Are you looking for luxury 4×4 accessories? Did you know that luxury 4WD vehicles were only introduced in 1998 by the Ford Motor Company? Prior to this time 4WDs were far more utilitarian vehicles, lacking just about any feature that could be considered luxurious. Now, we see luxury 4WDs on the road all the time and they have become very popular as both on and off-road vehicles.

Popular 4×4 accessories

Some of the more popular 4wd accessories that can be considered luxurious, certainly when compared to their utilitarian predecessors, are climate control, high tech stereo systems, Bluetooth and GPS navigation, heated seats and tinted windows. Twenty years ago, a 4WD owner might still recognise today’s 4WD models, but they would be amazed at the interior comfort and high-tech inclusions that are now expected in these prestigious vehicles.

Of course, we can’t forget all the other 4×4 accessories that make driving off-road such a popular past-time in Australia. These include deep cell batteries, air compressors, lifting kits, off-road suspension, winches, generators, fridges, LED driving lights and so on. As well as the camping trailers and caravans that Aussies love to tow behind their 4WDs.

You might be surprised at the amount of gear you can fit into your 4WD, particularly if you are using it for work or even a trip around Australia. Many 4WDs have fridges and 4×4 drawers fitted, making it so much easier to store everything that is needed on a daily basis.

If you are in the market for some 4wd accessories, here are our top 7 picks:

  1. Bullbars: For added safety on the road, bullbars are the perfect 4wd accessories.
  2. Fridge: You can’t go wrong with a 12V fridge for a cold drink at the end of a hot day.
  3. 4×4 drawers: Organising your belongings makes everything easy to find on the road.
  4. Roof rack: Carrying a tinny or camping gear? Roof racks are the perfect 4×4 accessories.
  5. 4WD tyres: Upgrading to premium 4WD tyres gives you the grip to go anywhere.
  6. Air compressor: For inflating your tyres, air compressors are essential in the bush.
  7. Suspension: Upgrading your suspension is another vital step in outback driving.

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