5 Awesome 4WD accessories every 4X4 owner has on their wish list

winch dunnandwatson

Anyone who owns a 4WD would love to receive 4WD accessories as birthday or Christmas gifts, because after all, you can’t have too many 4×4 accessories!

It’s a fair comment to say that many 4WD owners start with a basic model, adding more and more accessories to their vehicles over time. The type of 4WD accessories they add usually depends on whether they drive in the outback and go off-road or take camping and fishing trips around Australia.

So if you are stuck for gifts and your friend is a 4WD enthusiast, why not check out these 5 4WD accessories that any 4WD owner would love to add to their truck.

  1. Bullbars: As far as 4×4 accessories go, bullbars are just about mandatory. They are designed to protect the driver and passengers from collisions with wild animals in the outback, but work just as good protecting you from accidents with other vehicles. The strongest bullbars are made from steel and they are available in different configurations, depending on the driver’s needs.
  2. Winches: No self-respecting off-roader would be seen without a heavy-duty winch system that is essential for getting vehicles out of a whole lot of trouble. If you know anyone who drives in the bush, then you can bet they either have a winch or would give their right arm for one of these 4×4 accessories!
  3. Bash plates: Off-road driving can create havoc with 4WD vehicles, seriously damaging a number of vital systems under the engine. Rocks, branches, uneven roads and gullies are the usual culprits, causing severe damage to the transmission, fuel tank, sump and transfer case under the vehicle. A bash plate protects 4WD vehicles from this type of damage and is one of those 4WD accessories that will bring a smile to every 4WD owner’s face.
  4. Roof racks: Whilst not unique to 4WDs, a roof rack seriously increases the storage area of a 4WD and is one of those 4WD accessories that is extremely practical. Many drivers carry the tinny, spare tyres, fuel cans, and camping and fishing gear in their roof rack and wouldn’t be without it.
  5. Snorkel: These 4×4 accessories are essential for anyone driving through flooded waters or deep streams and rivers in the bush. They also improve performance, because the snorkel raises the air intake to the top of the cab, delivering cleaner air to the engine.

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