5 Essential 4WD and caravan accessories for newbies

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If you have just purchased a new or second hand caravan, you will want as many caravan accessories as you can afford, so that your trip is as comfortable as possible. We all know that you can spend a fortune on caravan and 4wd accessories, however before you open your cheque book, newbies need to make sure that they have the basics covered first.

  1. Outdoor shower: If you aren’t lucky enough to have a built-in shower in your caravan or there’s no mains water at your bush campsite, this is one of those camping and 4×4 accessories that is vital to your sanity. Always pack an outdoor shower when you head off, even if you think you won’t need it, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Clothes line: This is the one piece of equipment that becomes so frustrating when you forget to pack it in the caravan. Don’t forget the pegs as well, but do make sure you pack at least one clothes line, because they come in handy for so many other reasons as well.
  3. Awnings: Annexe walls can take time to put up and can be overkill if you are just stopping for lunch. Instead, invest in an awning that is permanently attached to the side of your caravan and can easily be lowered to protect you from the sun and rain. These are also great 4×4 accessories, attached to the side of your truck.
  4. Reversing camera: As far as high tech caravan accessories go, a reversing camera is one of those items that can make your life so much easier. Reversing a caravan can be difficult for anyone, but for newbies it can be just about impossible. A reversing camera can fix all of these problems, making you look like a pro as you reverse your caravan perfectly.
  5. Towing mirrors: If you are towing a caravan, towing mirrors are essential 4wd accessories that you cannot do without on the road. Your 4WD side mirrors won’t give you a wide enough field of view to drive safely on the roads and freeways, so towing mirrors, which can be removed when you are at home, are another of the caravan accessories you must purchase, before your first trip.

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