8 ways drawer slides can help you

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The benefit of drawer slides

If you’re thinking about kitting out your ute canopy, campervan or four-wheel-drive, investing in high quality drawer slides is a must! These handy pieces of hardware are versatile for application in just about any vehicle and offer utility across a wide range of usages, especially when you purchase slides from a reputable and leading supplier like Dunn and Watson.

How can drawer slides help you?

1. Slide out drawers

We’ll start with the obvious: drawer slides are perfect for use in slide out drawers! Apart from making the most of your limited storage space in your vehicle, slide out drawers give you the ability to access your items and possessions easily. Without incorporating a set of drawer slides, you’ll find yourself reaching and bending to no end trying to find the right tool. With slide out drawers, you simply need to pull out the storage container and everything you need will be easily accessible.

2. Slide out fridge on drawer slides

When you’re camping or heading off on a four-wheel-drive trip, having access to a reliably cold fridge is not just a luxury. It’s essential! Much like your slide out drawers, a portable caravan fridge can be a real pain to use if it’s not mounted on a series of high quality and strong drawer slides. When you’re able to pull your fridge out you’ll find the entire process of packing and unpacking foodstuffs and drinks so much easier.

3. Drop down slide out fridges

Ready to take your fridge game to the next level? Slide out fridges get a whole lot better with drop down slides! These specially manufactured drawer slides do exactly what their name promises. As you pull the fridge out, the levers drop the fridge vertically allowing you to more easily access the top safely and comfortably.

4. Slide out stove

Camping in style is easier than ever with drawer slides. A slide out stove is an excellent way to bring your kitchen on the road with you. A pair of robust drawer slides means that your stove can be easily stored away when you’re traveling or not using it, or easily accessible when you want to cook a quick breakfast or dinner to wind up the day.

5. Slide out cooktop

A slide out cooktop is also a fantastic way to go. Drawer slides give you the amazing opportunity to really customise your mobile kitchen to suit your preferences and needs. There are plenty of options available for slide out cooktops so make sure to browse for the right solution for your vehicle and needs.

6. Slide out work bench

One real drawback to the camping lifestyle is the lack of tabletop space, especially for food preparation purposes. But no longer! Drawer slides can help. A simple food preparation surface can be easily installed on your slide out drawers, even without compromising on your storage space.

7. Slide out table

In a similar vein to the work bench or table top, you can incorporate a full kitchen table to eat at with the whole family. Grab your camping chairs and huddle around this drawer slide mounted table. It’s easy to install, easy to access and a real game changer for the camping family.

8. Slide out galley

Last but not least on the list of benefits of drawer slides is the slide out kitchen galley. Like some of the other options detailed above, your slide out galley is endlessly customisable to suit your food preparation and camping preferences. There’s plenty of scope to store utensils, food, condiments and more!

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