What Drawer Slide Weight Class Do I Require?

what drawer slide weights do you require

Choosing the weight class of drawer slide is extremely simple providing you understand the following:

Drawer slides are assigned a weight class for a series based on testing done on a 500mm x 500mm drawer using static, evenly distributed weight. This weight diminishes as you increase the length of the drawer slides and changes which you use the same slide on a different size drawer or position the weight unevenly. Always allow for any changes between your application and the original testing conditions.

Points to consider:

  • length of drawer slide
  • weight
  • weight positioning
  • is the weight static or non-static
  • dimensions of drawer/loadTips
  • If you’re unsure, always over-engineer your job by rounding up and use the next weight class of drawer slide.
  • Heavier duty slides are taller and more importantly thicker. So if you’re unsure always allow for the heavier drawer slide so you don’t build your drawer too wide. For example our 125kg drawer slides are 2mm less than our 227kg drawer slides. You can always pack a side out 2mm, but you more than likely cannot find extra room once a drawer has been built.

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