Two locking leavers is better than one

two locking leavers is better than one

At Dunn & Watson we commonly see drawer slides installed with only one locking leaver.  The logic behind this makes sense as then you only need one hand to unlock your fridge slide or drawer system. We strongly disagree with this install practice as you only have one locking leaver trying to keep your drawer square at full extension. Furthermore in locked out position, only one side is locked, this means there is still play on the non-locking side. Now because one side wants to move in and out and the other side is locked you end up twisting your drawer system and putting excessive strain on the one locking bell.  What you will find in no time is your system will still lock in but with only one locking leaver you will lose your lock out feature. We can say this with absolute certainty as we deal with faulty locking slides week in week out.  You may say that’s not true mine works fine, all I can say is give it time.  So if you’re looking to replace the drawer slides on your fridge slide or cargo drawer to a dual locking drawer slide system come visit the team at Dunn & Watson or shop online at drawer slide runners