How To Stop Your Drawer Slides Rattling

How to stop your drawer slides from rattling

How to stop your drawer slides from rattling?

Drawer slides rattling will vary depending on series or style of drawer slide you opt for and in many cases the style of lock you opt for. Compression locks such as our whale tail folding T handle are very popular for this reason. However, if you have a drawer slide & you want to minimise the rattling here are some tips.

  • 125kg locking & non locking slides – you can actually tap the metal end which the dampener sits on forward to reduce any rattling. The can often be the difference in play required to stop or significantly reduce movement.
  • For the 227kg runners you can actually run a strip of material for foam tape (self adhesive D seal works very well) along the back end of the slide.
  • For every drawer you can also run a strip of foam tape, self adhesive d seal or material along the back of your drawer to minimise the play it has in a closed position. Soft materials like foam tapes work particularly well.

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