How to choose your 4WD fridge and car fridge slide

fridge slide in car

Tips on powering your fridge and selecting the right car fridge slide for your next trip, as well as reducing the power consumption of your fridge.If you spend any time in your 4WD and on the road, you will want a good quality fridge to cool your food and drinks and a car fridge slide to make it easier to access. It sounds simple enough, but there are a number of factors you need to consider, before settling on the right fridge and car fridge slide combination.

Powering your 4WD fridge

Most 12V car fridges consume between 1 and 6 amps every hour with the difference due to a number of factors, including the size of the fridge, the type of compressor inside the fridge, the thickness of the fridge’s insulation, outside temperature, etc. These amps won’t be used all the time, because the compressor will switch on and off to keep the fridge at the correct temperature, but it gives you an idea of the power you will need to run your fridge. It’s a good idea to position your fridge on a car fridge slide and in a shaded position within your vehicle, so that it is away from direct sunlight and protected from extreme heat. The worst thing you can do is to run your fridge off your car battery, as it will run flat very quickly, so you need a deep cell battery to operate your fridge. It’s also important to never run the deep cell battery down less than 50% of its capacity (around 12.2 volts) or else you will shorten its life. As they are more expensive than regular car batteries, this is not a good idea, so once it’s at 50% capacity, start your engine and let the deep cell battery recharge itself or attach it to solar panels, whichever option you prefer.

Selecting a car fridge slide

You can select a car fridge slide that pulls directly out of your vehicle for easy access or a drop down slide that can lower the fridge to a height that is even more accessible. Make sure that whichever type of fridge slide you select, that it can be fully locked to prevent the fridge swinging back and forth when driving. You can also use a car fridge slide for other heavy items, such as a generator or large tool box.

Reducing the energy consumption of your car fridge

One of the easiest ways to reduce the power consumption of your car fridge is to only store pre-chilled food in the fridge. Food and drinks at room temperature take quite a lot of power to refrigerate, so if at all possible, only store cold food and drinks. Also, always keep your fridge full, as it works more efficiently than when it’s nearly empty, and always leave enough air space around the fridge so that the compressor can work efficiently (you can install a cage that also protects your fridge). Consider an insulating cover for your fridge, as this will also reduce the power needed to refrigerate all your food, and open the fridge slowly, so that all the cold air isn’t sucked out in a rush. With these few tips, you should have no problems electing the right fridge and car fridge slide combination for your next outback trip. Call us on 1300 210 549 for more information or check out our drop down car fridge slides today.