If you’re interested in the Dunn & Watson Bushmaster range of products, then it’s time to check out our sideways fridge slide and fridge slide/cargo drawer combo. The sideways fridge slides are suitable for rear opening and side opening canopies and operate on our 227kg heavy duty locking slides that keep the slide locked in the fully closed and fully extended positions. One of the key features of the Bushmaster sideways fridge slides is that the slides operate underneath the tray which means that you don’t lose the extra width that would normally happen with other fridge slides, although you need to account for the additional height this causes. It has a carpeted top with adjustable tie down points to account for different size fridges. These tie down points can be removed to give you a flush surface when you don’t need to carry your fridge with you on the road.

The Bushmaster fridge slide and drawer combo is a great asset to your vehicle, as it gives you the benefit of a fridge slide and a drawer system, but at nearly half the cost of buying them individually. The unit is made from 3mm aluminium with welded corners for extra strength and has strap holes at both the front and the rear of the tray to tie down your fridge. The drawer base operates using a 125kg non-locking drawer slide, whilst the top tray where your fridge is positioned operates using a125kg locking drawer slide.

This unit can also be custom made to your exact specifications and can be installed with 227kg locking and non-locking drawer slides. The standard size is suitable for 50L and under and 60L and over fridge sizes. The combo drawer is a great idea if you have limited space in the back of your vehicle, as it gives you additional storage space underneath your fridge. All Dunn & Watson Bushmaster series units are made in Australia.

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