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Dunn & Watson Pty Ltd stock Australia’s greatest hinge selection. Here at D&W we have hinge such as Continuous hinge, Piano hinge, Concealed hinge, Pintle hinge, PVC hinge, Rear fixing hinge, Strap hinge, Truck door hinge and Weld on bullet hinge for many kinds of truck and trailer applications. Hinges are supplied in finished such as stainless steel, galvanized, zinc plated, chrome, black plastic and mild steel. Continuous hinge is available in various thickness and lengths. The piano hinge is available in a galvanised finish with a brass pin or a stainless finish with a stainless pin. Generally speaking camper trailer, caravan and boat fabrication work involving our range of hinges means you might also require our extensive selection of gas struts, locks & handles, drawer slides, foam & rubber seals, fasteners and much more. When we look at introducing a new line of hinge we firstly examine the quality, applications and the full range existing in both Australian and global markets.

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316 Stainless Steel Boat Hinge

Concealed Hinge

Concealed Hinge

Continous / Piano Hinges

Continuous / Piano Hinge – Aluminium

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Gudgeons (Steel)