Platinum Power Drop Down Fridge Slide

Aussie Made Quality


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MSA 4X4 has now taken the original Drop Slide to the next level and completely removed all physical effort to raise and lower a fridge to an accessible height.
Chest style fridges and freezers offer the best solution, to store refrigerated goods whilst travelling Australia’s rough roads. Accessing chilled food and drinks needs to be as easy as possible.

  • All physical effort to raise and lower a fridge to an accessible height has been removed.
  • Simply extend the slide and press the right-hand side control panel button to lower and raise the fridge.
  • The function is smooth and effortless with the powerful twin 12-volt electric actuators doing all the work.
  • The MSA Power Slide shares the same compact footprint as the original patented Drop Slide™.
  • Pre-drilled holes in the tray provide extra convenience in accommodating most popular fridges.
  • It comes with an easily attached, emergency handle to manually raise and lower the slide in case of an electrical failure.
  • Built extremely tough and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on the slide and 3 Year Warranty on the actuators.
  • This is the only powered slide that extends beyond the vehicle as it lowers, allowing for better fridge access; this is extremely important in wagons and utes.
  • The MSA Power Slide is the best-looking powered slide on the market.