Best Canopy Accessories for your 4WD 2022

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4×4 Canopy Accessories

Canopy accessories are items or hardware that can be used to make your four-wheel-drive canopy or ute canopy more useful, accessible or versatile.

There’s a wide range of accessories available in the market and especially on our online store at Dunn and Watson. However, just knowing which are the right accessories for you can still pose a problem if you’re not yet experienced enough in off-road driving to understand what you need. 

The best 4WD canopy accessories

TRED recovery systems

TRED recovery systems, such as TRED boards, are an absolute must-have for all four-wheel-drives. Whether you’ll be taking your vehicle off road on sand, through mud or across creeks, you need to have the capability of digging yourself out of a tough bogged spot. TRED recovery systems are very affordable and undeniably invaluable.

Mean Mother Recovery Accessories

For those of your four-wheel-drive experts that are aiming to push your vehicle to its absolute limits, you’ll want a Mean Mother Recovery Kit. These 4×4 accessories can help you get out of a tight spot regardless of the situation. With snatch straps, bow shackles and even recovery gloves, you’ll be ready for just about any eventuality. 

Bash plates

Bash plates are a 4×4 accessory that admittedly doesn’t go on the canopy but is just as important. This pad is placed on the underside of your four-wheel-drive and protects it from any objects that could cause some sort of damage. As you venture off the beaten track and away from bitumen roads, your vehicle is going to be exposed to a lot of items, such as sticks, logs and rocks. Without the right protection, you could be subjecting your 4×4 to a lot of costly damage. 

Interior accessories 

From comfortable neoprene car seat covers to make hours of driving in your 4WD much more enjoyable to apparel designed specifically for active adventurers, there’s a ton of interior accessories to help make your offroad journey all the more convenient and enjoyable. Not every 4WD canopy accessory has to offer safety features or functional utilisation. Sometimes you deserve a little tender love and care to take your trip to the next level. 


4WD snorkels are designed to ensure continued clean air supply to your engine. These accessories ensure increased air flow by sucking in the air as the vehicle engages in a forward motion, thus pushing that same air into the engine. Increased performance, reduced fuel consumption, and improved engine operation are all benefits of using a 4WD snorkel accessory. 

Vehicle accessories

At Dunn and Watson, the range of best 4×4 canopy accessories doesn’t stop there. We offer everything from canopy dual lights to 4WD wheel chocks, so that when you’re gearing up and getting ready to head out, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that you have everything you need… and want!

The benefits of 4WD canopy accessories


Having good quality and reliable accessories and equipment is essential for ensuring you’re safe at every step of your 4WD adventure. It’s important to be responsible when four-wheel-driving and venturing far off road, so make sure you’re kitted up with the accessories you need.


Having the right four-wheel-drive or right ute canopy accessories is also important for helping you enjoy your drive more. There are a wide range of accessories and gear that might not be critical for ensuring high vehicle performance or recovery if you get bogged, but will help you remember your drive for the right reasons.

Save money

This benefit might surprise you. After all, if you don’t already own the 4×4 canopy accessories on this list you will need to buy them and that costs money. Nonetheless, whether it’s the bash plate protecting your 4WD’s underside from damage or a 4×4 snorkel offering reduced fuel consumption, the long term financial savings from the right accessories can be substantial.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about any and all things 4WDs and accessories, we’re always here to help. But we’ve gone ahead and answered some of the more frequently asked questions here anyway. 

What is the best pop up canopy? 

This question is actually quite hard to answer. Dunn and Watson’s selection of canopies tick all the boxes you need: strength, durability, ease of installation and competitive pricing. At the end of the day, it’s up to you and your intended use that will determine which type of canopy is right for you and your vehicle. 

How do you set up canopy accessories for 4WD?

Our 4×4 canopy accessories are all designed and manufactured for easy, simple installation. If you need a hand setting up your gear, make sure to give us a call. If you want to give it a go independently, make sure to check out our YouTube channel for a ton of helpful videos on a range of topics, including installation. 

How long does a 4WD canopy last?

A good quality 4WD canopy that is properly installed and maintained can last for many years. Dunn and Watson canopies, for example, are built specifically to withstand the harsh Australian environment and exposure to a range of environmental factors. 

Find the right 4WD and canopy accessories for you

Ready to start customising your 4WD? Check out our canopy accessories in our online store. With high quality and competitive pricing guaranteed, you won’t have to worry about anything other than finding what you need (and want) and placing your order!

Then, you’re all ready to hit the open (off)road!