Best Gear Supplies For Your Ute Camping

ute camping

Finding the best ute camping gear

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice to ute camping and just starting your journey finding the right gear, or you’re a tried and tested camper wanting to take your ute canopy to the next level. Either way, Dunn and Watson is here to ensure you’re equipped and prepared as best as possible for your next adventure.

What is ute camping?

We Australians love our camping and why shouldn’t we? After all, our wide country is packed with amazing spots and outback areas begging to be explored.

But there are actually different ways in which one can camp: tent, caravan, campervans, RVs or even ute camping.

What is ute camping? Basically, this umbrella term covers any form of camping where you use a converted or modified utility vehicle (aka ute).

Utes are highly versatile automobiles and can be utilised in a variety of ways to ensure your next camping set-up is as comfortable and convenient as possible. From rooftop tents to ute canopies packed with all the supplies and gear a camper could need, there are a lot of options.

Either way, you should always make sure you have the right ute gear and accessories to ensure your safety as well as an enjoyable camping trip. 

Ute supplies for camping

It can be tempting to just throw some clothes in a bag, chuck a fishing rod in the back tray, and head out onto the open road in your ute. But being properly set up with the right ute gear is very important. There are safety and wellbeing issues to take into account, think water containers, as well as opportunities to really engage in next level ute set-up with camping canopies, tents and a whole lot more available.

There can be a number of concerns however. The first, of course, is cost. While modifying your ute for camping can be an initially pricey exercise if you’re buying everything from the start, we like to think of it as an investment. Not only are you investing in high quality accessories from our ute gear online store, you’re also saving money over the long term by not having to buy pricier equipment or hire camping spots that provide amenities you could actually be self-sufficient for.

Secondly, fit out can be daunting for some. Even the experienced DIYer amongst us can run into trouble customising a ute camping canopy. Fortunately, the team here is always available to help. If you experience any issues, just bring your ute in to us and we’ll help you with the entire fitout. 

Lastly, it can be overwhelming knowing what’s the best ute camping set-up and what sort of gear you need. Again, that’s where we come in. Make sure to reach out to the Dunn and Watson team for friendly, professional and tailored advice. To get you started though, here’s our list of best gear supplies for your ute camping.

Top ute camping equipment 

Ute Canopies

A ute canopy is an enclosed structure that can be mounted onto your ute. There are a few options depending on your vehicle and needs; the canopy can be mounted to the chassis, the tray or the tube. Most canopies offer roofing, walls and doors or windows and can be used for either tradies storing tools or camping.

For ute camping, the potential is near limitless. You can install pull out fridges, sinks, kitchens, drawers, tents, or just use it for secure, safe storage of your other supplies and gear. No matter how you use and fit it out, a ute canopy is a must have for Aussie camping. 

Water containers

No matter who you are or where you’re going, having accessible, clean drinking water is an absolute must for obvious reasons. Fortunately, Dunn and Watson have a range of water containers that can be perfectly stored in even a basic ute camping set-up. Enjoy peace of mind that you and your family or mates will have plenty of water throughout your adventure.


Ute canopy drawers offer many different benefits. Keeping all of your gear organised can be tough, but when space is premium it’s essential. Ute camping drawers offer plenty of opportunity to store a range of goods in an accessible, convenient and secure way. Make the most of every cubic centimetre and enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything will be safe and stay in place as you journey from camp to camp. 

Rooftop tent

Did you know that you can even install a rooftop tent to your ute canopy or trailer canopy? These handy pieces of camping gear provide sheltered and comfortable respite at the end of a long day of adventuring without taking up any of the scarce space in and around your vehicle. 

Shower Tent

Enjoy uncompromised privacy no matter where your offroad adventure takes you with a shower tent that can be easily attached to your camping ute. These simple-to-fold up or down accessories allow you to make the absolute most of your camping trip without worrying about who or what is around you.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve packed your canopy full of fishing gear or just stocked up on all the greatest camping snacks you can imagine, having the right amount and type of storage is vital. With your ute you can modify the storage drawers in a way that best suits your preferences so that your next camping trip is as enjoyable as possible. 


It’s not just tradies who need a good toolbox. Avoid the stress and hassle of an accident cutting your camping trip short. With a simple toolbox camping ute tray, you can be free of worry that you’ll be caught out because of an issue that’s actually easily repaired. 

Getting your camping canopy set up

If you would like any assistance with modifying, packing or setting up your ute camping gear, give us a shout here at Dunn and Watson. We’re not just camping experts, we’re fellow enthusiasts and we’d love to help you enjoy your next camping trip as much as possible.