What’s the best off road canopy for camping in your Ute?

Dunn & Watson Example

Aussies love their Utes, but if you want to go camping then an off road canopy is a must have addition! You can keep all your camping gear stored safely away inside a lockable canopy and even sleep in it at a pinch if you are caught short. There are different types of canopy for camping, some made from fibreglass, some from aluminium or steel and others made from canvas or UV stable ABS (a stable thermoplastic polymer). Some are better for storing tools or heavy equipment and others are better for storing all your camping equipment, such as hot plates, fridges, tents, clothes, recovery gear etc. Let’s take a quick look at some of these options.

Off-road UTEs Canopy for Camping

When you go camping, just about everyone has a different opinion about canopies. Some love steel or aluminium canopies because they can attach a roof top tent, tinnie or canoe, whilst others are happy with fibreglass because they can easily remove it when needed. Others are happy with a canvas canopy and just throw everything in the back and take off into the outback. There are also off road canopy models that are manufactured specifically for certain types of Utes, such as single or twin cabs, super-cabs, pick-ups or Utes with a tray.

Costs for these canopies vary between manufacturers, depending on the quality and the materials used, as well as the extras you need. For example, lockable windows, tinted windows, canopy vent, safety glass, central locking, keyless entry and LED interior lights are all extras. You can even fit out the interior with drawer systems to keep all your belongings safe and secure, as well as slides for your fridge or other heavy items that need to be accessed quickly and easily. Another great addition is a ladder up to the roof, making it easier to lift full jerry cans or spare tyres onto the roof rack or access a roof top tent.

Custom vs off-the-shelf Canopy options

Ute canopies aren’t cheap, but they are very good value. You can opt for a standard off-the-shelf model and there are plenty of these available. At Dunn & Watson, we have standard off-the-shelf aluminium canopies, for example a 3 door canopy made from 2.5mm checker plate with gas strut doors, stainless steel handles and loads of optional extras. We also have a mini aluminium canopy made from 2.0mm checker plate aluminium with optional extras, but since it only has a depth of 740mm, it leaves you plenty of space to store other items on the open tray.
Whilst a standard off road canopy is a popular option, Dunn & Watson also specialise in designing and manufacturing customised canopies, tailored to your specific needs. These don’t cost that much more than off-the-shelf models and we can customise lots of additional features, including hatches and access doors, sliding or fixed acrylic windows, under trays, Ute trays, tunnel boot drawers, modular drawers, eco drawers and fridge slides. Whatever customisations you need to your canopy, inside or outside, we can design and manufacture it for you. Why not check out the Dunn & Watson canopy options and set yourself up for your next camping trip?