Custom Eco Drawers

Australian-made custom Eco Drawer to your requested dimensions. All we need to know is your required external length, width, and height, plus any lip the drawer needs to clear. and how much weight the drawer needs to support. Space is precious in your 4wd and a custom Eco Drawer can help ensure no space is wasted.

As one of Australia’s leading hardware suppliers, we can manufacture your custom Eco Drawer on our industry-recognised 125kg or 227kg locking drawer slides. We can also integrate a locking lever bar if you wish.

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Custom ECO Drawer new
  • Please note: Dimension (a) will be +30mm for locking lever. Dimension (b) will be + 5mm either side for nuts.
    a (+30mm levers)b (+10mm nuts)cd 
    Dunn & Watson - Custom ECO Drawer Form
  • For example is there a lip for this tunnel boot drawer to clear? Would you like multiple trays inside this drawer?
Small Dunn Watson Canopy Cargo Drawer 1
Custom Ally Cargo Drawer