How to know what 4wd locks you require

how to know what locks you require

Dunn & Watson Pty Ltd have a large range of 4wd locks and handles for many caravan, toolbox, canopy and camper trailer applications.  We have locks suitable for both interior and exterior applications in a range of finishes, colours and locking options.

When selecting a Dunn & Watson Lock there are three fields you must consider, Security, Useability & Weather.

– Security refers to whether you require key locking or non locking.
– Useability refers to whether you are locking with a mechanism you slam, push or turn.
– Weather refers to what level of protection from the elements this lock needs to provide.

If these 4wd locks are for an outside application such as your toolbox or canopy you park on the street every night you will need the ability to key lock. Our key locking swing handles without a doubt provide the highest level of security from theft.  However if your locks are for your 4wd cargo drawers, lockable handles may not be a priority and our non locking paddle handles would be ideal.

This is very important as you could be using these 4wd locks all the time and you may find certain locks will become frustrating or tiresome to use all the time as they’re simply not meant for what you have them doing.

This is probably the most important to consider as you might not realise you have chosen the wrong lock until you have 50 millimetres of water in your toolbox or half the Simpson desert in your camper.  For best weather protection we at Dunn & Watson have our whale tail series of 4wd locks, they have a unique compression feature that assists pulling in your door or lid to for a tighter seal and prevent water or dust getting in.

So there you have it, three simple things to consider when deciding what 4wd locks you require, that will assist you in getting the correct product for the job. We literally have hundreds of 4wd locks to choose from at our website, if you have any questions or need help deciding please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Our range of 4wd locks and handles can also be purchased online at locks and handles.