Everything important you need to know about 4×4 storage drawers

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Piling all your gear into the back of your Ute and heading for the bush might sound like a brilliant idea, but it can often end in frustration. That’s because without some sort of organisation, it’s going to be difficult to find anything quickly. As you can imagine, rummaging away in the back of your Ute trying to find tools, torches, clothes, food, and so on, isn’t a long term proposition. This is where 4×4 storage drawers come into the picture, because they give you a place for everything!

If you don’t know much about Ute drawers, don’t worry – we have you covered! Everything you need to know about Ute drawers you will find in this post, so let’s get started.

What are 4×4 storage drawers?

Simply put, they are a set of drawers that fit inside the back of your Ute, helping to organise all your camping gear and equipment, as well as work tools and other machinery.  Essentially, these 4×4 storage drawers provide a place for everything and keep everything in its place! So instead of throwing all your gear and tools in the back of your Ute, you store them all in drawers. This makes it easy to find what you want, when you want it. Drawers also prevent the contents from rolling around and being damaged or broken, and keep your gear safe from prying eyes. 

What configurations are available?

You can buy single or double drawer systems, stack them in the horizontal or vertical sections, and even put them under the tray. The configuration you select will depend on your needs, so it all depends on what type of gear or equipment you need to transport in your Ute. A vertical configuration is good if you want to include a fridge with a slider for easy access or you have large heavy machinery that needs to sit on the floor of the Ute. Horizontal configurations are suitable if you want to stack pipes, planks or other long thin items on top of the drawers. However, if you are going to top stack other items, it’s best to cover the 4×4 storage drawers with marine grade carpet or plywood, even with a thick rubber mat.

What materials are used in their construction?

Generally, Ute drawer systems are constructed from lightweight aluminium and the handles are made from stainless steel. They can however, be made from galvanised steel, fiberglass, sheet metal or even plywood. For most people’s needs, aluminium or sheet metal are the most common materials used in stock drawer systems.

Should I be concerned about the added weight?

The short answer is Yes, you should be concerned about the added weight of 4×4 storage drawers in the back of your Ute. You need to check the GVM (gross vehicle weight) of your Ute, which is the maximum weight your Ute can safely carry. You can’t forget about the contents of these drawers however, so always include these weights in your calculations. 

If your Ute is found to be overweight, it can not only endanger yourself, but any passengers and other road users as well. In fact, insurance providers are unlikely to pay accident claims if your vehicle was overweight. Weight is the main reason why these drawer systems are mostly made from aluminium, because it’s a lightweight material. So always check your vehicle’s GVM, before deciding on the materials for your new drawer system.

What about warranties?

Any reputable company should give you a warranty on your drawer systems. Always ask about these warranties before making your purchase, particularly online purchases. Also ask about the installation of these drawers, and ensure that third party installations don’t void your warranty.

Can I have custom made 4×4 storage drawers?

Yes, you can have your drawer systems designed specifically for your needs and customised to your exact requirements. At Dunn & Watson, we not only sell stock storage drawers, but we also manufacture customised systems as well. Simply let us know your dimensions and preferred materials, and we will design and manufacture your new Ute drawer systems ASAP.

What can I store in these drawers?

The contents of these drawers will depend on your needs. For a tradie, you can store nuts, bolts, hammers, rolls of wire, duct tape, tubes of glue, small tins, brushes, and so on. In deeper drawers you can store larger items, such as bigger rolls of wire, large tins of paint, tools and other equipment. If you are going camping, you can store clothes, sleeping bags, towels, bottled water,  food and cooking utensils in these drawers. A first aid kit, recovery gear, torches, fire extinguishers and ropes are just some of the other items that can be safely stored away in drawers.

Can I make my own 4WD storage systems?

Yes, you can make your own 4×4 storage drawers, but you need to be aware of the weight restrictions (as mentioned above) and the safety issues. We have already spoken about the GVM and the materials used to manufacture these drawer systems, so keep these factors in mind if you decide to create your own drawer systems. The issue of safety however, is vitally important because you don’t want the drawers and their contents to come loose when travelling on the road or during an accident. This is why all Ute storage systems are crash tested and must comply with the Australian Design Rules. Always check that your drawer systems are in compliance with these rules, particularly when you buy online, but it’s also important if you make your own drawers. We are happy to discuss Dunn & Watson’s ADR compliance with our customers, just give us a call!  

What are the best brands?

Of course, the best brand of 4×4 storage drawers is Dunn & Watson! We can manufacture any configuration of drawers for your Ute and we also sell stock sizes as well. If you want other brands however, we also sell Bushmaster aluminium drawers, as well as MSA (these are designed for specific types of vehicles). We also sell Dunn & Watson and MSA drawer slides, both standard sizes and heavy duty. 

If you’re not sure of the type of drawers or the configuration you need, just give us a call on 1300 210 549 and we can sort you out in double quick time! If you already know what you want, you can fill in one of our customised fabrication forms and we can give you a free quote.