Aluminium Cargo Drawer vs Eco Series Cargo Drawer: Which is better?

Aluminium Cargo Drawer vs Eco Series Cargo Drawer Which is better

A cargo drawer system is one of the best ways to organise everything in the back of your Ute or 4WD. If you’re a tradie, just imagine trying to keep all your tools, equipment and materials organised in the back of your canopy and if you’re a camper, how will you ever find anything without some sort of system?

This is where cargo drawers come into the picture because they provide the ultimate solution to your storage needs in both Ute canopies and 4WDs. However, with so many different types of cargo drawer systems available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your needs.

So let’s take a look at two of the systems sold by Dunn & Watson: our aluminium canopy drawers and our Eco Series Cargo Drawer. Which is best for your situation?


What are aluminium canopy drawers?

Aluminium canopy drawers are designed to organise storage in the back of your canopy, however, they are also suitable for 4WDs and camper trailers. These canopy drawers are available in a range of widths, heights and lengths so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

However, we can also customise your drawer systems if one of our standard options isn’t suitable. So if you have a 4WD, we can manufacture a set of 4×4 drawers that perfectly match the space you have available in the back of your vehicle. Likewise, if you have a Ute canopy and want customised drawers for your canopy or a camper trailer and need customised trailer drawers, we can manufacture them for you at our local factory.


Features of Dunn & Watson’s aluminium drawer systems

Dunn & Watson’s aluminium drawer systems are made from high-quality 2.5mm aluminium with welded corners. This means that each cargo drawer is not only lightweight but also very strong. 

The cargo drawer we are featuring today is our aluminium drawer and fridge slide combo. It’s a very popular option because you can stack your fridge on top of the cargo drawer without losing any valuable storage space underneath. The lockin lockout fridge slides make sure that your fridge doesn’t move around in transit whilst the 125kg locking drawer slides ensure that the drawer stays safely in the open or closed position (it doesn’t swing back and forth).

Here’s a list of all the features you can expect with our aluminium drawers.

  • Made from 2.5mm aluminium.
  • Lock in lockout – fridge slide tray.
  • Welded corners for extra strength.
  • Strap holes at the front and rear.
  • Built with 125kg locking drawer slides.


Why use an aluminium cargo drawer?

If you are fed up with rummaging around in the back of your vehicle for tools, equipment or camping gear then an aluminium cargo drawer is a great idea. It keeps everything organised and maximises the use of space inside your canopy, trailer or 4WD. These drawers are a great off-the-shelf option that’s lightweight, strong and comes in a wide range of sizes. They are suitable for Ute canopies, trailers and 4WDs.


What is an Eco Series cargo drawer?

Designed to provide a mid-range storage solution for Utes and 4WDs, you can stack the Eco Series cargo drawers on top of each other or side by side. They are suitable for both rear opening 4WDs, canopies and trailers, as well as side opening canopies and are the ideal vehicle drawer system for tradies and campers.


Features of Dunn & Watson’s Eco Series cargo drawer 

The Eco Series cargo drawer is made from 3mm aluminium, so it’s exceptionally strong and lightweight. The non-locking drawer slides ensure a smooth operation and the stainless steel cargo drawer handle is a stylish feature.

Here’s a list of all the features you can expect with our Eco Series cargo drawer.

  • Made from 3.0mm aluminium.
  • 125kg non locking drawer slides.
  • Stainless steel cargo drawer handle.
  • Lightweight.


Why use an Eco Series Cargo Drawer?

Priced in the middle of our economy cargo drawer (with three standard sizes) and our deluxe aluminium cargo drawer (with four standard sizes), the Eco Series cargo drawer system offers you plenty of options at a great price. It’s a practical solution that helps to organise the back of your canopy, trailer or 4WD, looks awesome and will last for years. 


Which is better?

There’s no real answer to this question because both our aluminium cargo drawers and our Eco Series cargo drawers are great systems for organising the back of your vehicle. For example, you might find that one of the standard sizes for the aluminium drawers perfectly suits your needs but you’d need a custom option if you went with the Eco Series. Then again, you might prefer the look of the Eco Series cargo drawers over the other cargo drawers. 

Don’t worry! If you need help selecting the best cargo drawers for your vehicle, just give us a call at 1300 210 549 for a friendly chat.