5 Best Camping Canopies 2022

camping canopy

Camping canopies – what are they?

A canopy setup for camping has been a mainstay of the Australian camping scene for many years. It’s not hard to understand why. Both free standing canopies and four-wheel-drive or ute canopies that are mounted onto the chassis, roofing or wall of a vehicle provide convenient, accessible and protective living arrangements for campers.

Your ute canopy offers plenty of opportunity for customisation and modification to best suit you and your family’s camping needs. From fridge slides to drawer storage, there’s just no limit to what can be done! 

If you’re looking for the right camping canopies, however, and don’t know where to begin, this guide will help you begin your search on the right foot.

How to Choose the Best Camping Canopies

There are many different types and styles of camping canopy setup and at the end of the day the best camping shelter will depend on your unique application and preference.

If you’re struggling to work out which canopy is best, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How easy is the camping canopy to set up?
  • How liveable, protective and comfortable is the canopy once it is set up?
  • Is the material and general setup durable?
  • How portable is the camping shelter once you’ve packed it away?
  • Does the shelter provide effective wind resistance?
  • How much does the canopy cost and what is your budget?
  • What sort of camping do you plan on doing and where?
  • How many people will be fitting into the camping canopy?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be better prepared for finding and buying the best ute canopies for you personally. 

What are the best general options on the market?

Best Types of Camping Canopies for 2022

1. MOTOP 4×4 and Canopy Roof Top Tent – Generation 4

A canopy roof top tent, such as the MOTOP 4×4 Gen 4 Tent, is fantastic for those light on space in their vehicle but still needing a high quality camping canopy. This handy accessory ticks all the boxes. It’s completely waterproof and wind resistance yet still provides breathability and comfort, not to mention a 50 millimetre mattress included. It’s easy to pack up and store away when you decide to hit the open road (or go off road) and convenient to simply fold out/ set up when you decide to make camp. Plus, when you order the MOTOP roof top tent from Dunn and Watson, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

2. Waterproof Lightweight Shelter Canopy

While four-wheel-drive and ute camping canopies are not always the cheapest of accessories, they’re certainly good value. Take, for example, our shelter canopy for camping. This unique product is designed specifically to be lightweight and therefore transportable, while also being waterproof and protective. Not only is the standard model one of the best lightweight canopy options on the market, but you can even have your shelter custom fabricated to your specific needs. With plenty of space and designed for practical use while camping, it’s the best way to set up your next camping trip for success!

3. Portable Vehicle Awning

Why consider a portable vehicle awning? This handy camping accessory offers completely hassle-free shelter from sun and wind for your next camping trip. Forget fumbling with poles, rope, pegs and complex setups: There’s almost nothing easier than rolling up in your four-wheel-drive, making camp and setting up a portable awning on the roof of your vehicle. With handy lock in and out functions, a light and portable design, and durable, weather resistant material, it’s no wonder that a portable vehicle awning is amongst the most popular of camping canopies in 2022.

4. Easy Pop Up Canopy Tent

If you’re looking for a tenting solution with the ease of accessibility and setup of the portable awning, we’d recommend going for an easy pop up tent for camping. Pop up canopy tents come in a range of sizes, designs and styles to suit a wide range of needs and preferences. Utilising your four-wheel-drive or ute canopy to provide added structure and protection, a pop up tent is a stress free and simple way to get your living conditions set up whenever and wherever you decide to make camp. If you’re not 100% sure what sort of canopy tent is right for your specific application and vehicle, our friendly team here at Dunn and Watson are always available to help you out.

5. Screened Camping Canopy Tent

For many, privacy is as important while camping as it is (seemingly) difficult to ensure. With a screened camping canopy tent, that doesn’t have to be the case. Just as intuitive and simple to set up as the other types of camping canopies on this list, a screened canopy tent offers the added benefit of a protective screen-wall to help ensure your maximum comfort. The best screened camping canopies also offer protection from annoying insects and flies, and can be further closed off from the wind, rain and other elements. As with the easy pop up canopy tent, there is a wide range of styles and designs out there, so it’s really up to you what model you choose.

Your search for the best camping canopy starts and ends with Dunn & Watson

Dunn and Watson is the leading online supplier in all things four-wheel-drive, ute and vehicle accessories. From hardware to custom whole vehicle fit outs, there’s just about nothing our team can’t do.

Thanks to our unique custom fabrication options as well, we can tailor a solution for your specific needs. We’re more than camping experts, we’re enthusiasts! We’d love to use our love and expertise in all things camping canopies to help you. To find out more, check out our product page today.